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This is the last day of existence.

And all I want is you.

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Bimbo Baggins
4 October 1990

Hello, you can call me Cherie.


I live in Washington, D.C., where I was born, but I was raised in Miami, FL. I'm Cuban and thus very small but also very loud. I am 26 years old and can legally read your porn and even drink booze while I do so.

I am a raging fangirl with a debilitating (and quite wonderful) addiction to slash, femmeslash, and almost anything involving incest (the more cest the better!).

I married the beautiful wutendeskind on March 30, 2009.


Supernatural Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Jess.
CW RPF Jared/Jensen, Jared/Jensen/Genevieve, Genevieve/Adrianne.
Harry Potter Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, Remus/Sirius/James/Lily.
Lord of the Rings Merry/Pippin, Boromir/Faramir.
Due South Fraser/Dief, Fraser/Dief/RayK.
Leverage Hardison/Parker, Hardison/Parker/Eliot.


This journal is by and large me talking about my life. Talking about my life often involves fandom, but it's mostly boring and I do not post fic here!

If you're interested in my fic, please feel free to look at/add my writing community: infatuated_ink. You can also peruse MY MASTERLIST.

If you want to be friends with me, just drop a line here.


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adrianne palicki, angels in america, being a dresden native, billy boyd, books, boromir, brian kinney, brian/justin, broadway, castiel, chronicles of narnia, coke, coldplay, comedy, cw rpf, dallas cowboys, damning eric kripke, dean winchester, dean winchester's golden soul, deancakes, disney princesses, dominic monaghan, due south, elijah wood, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, faramir, fellowship of the ring, femmeslash, florida gators, football, gay subtext, genevieve padalecki, george washington university, greek mythology, harry/hermione, harvey dent, having no life, history, hobbits, howard mcgillin, hugs, hunchback of notre dame, incest, inside jokes, intelligence, internet, j.r.r. tolkien, j2, james potter, james/lily, jamie cullum, jared padalecki, jared/jensen/genevieve, jean valjean, jekyll and hyde, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jessica moore, josh ritter, kisses, laughing, les miserables, leverage, liberals, lord of the rings, love, luke skywalker, makingeverythingaboutjoshritter, mako mori, marauders era, marie antoinette, merry/pippin, metallicar, michael chabon, michael shawn lewis, movies, music, musicals, my friendslist, my mommy, new york, obsession, originality, oscar wilde, ozymandias, pacific rim, paris, patrick wilson, patti lupone, peter jackson, phantom of the opera, philip quast, pirates of the caribbean, princess leia, protective-big-brother!dean, queer as folk, quotes, rainbows, reading, red hot chili peppers, relationships, remus lupin, remus/sirius, return of the king, romance, roses, sam winchester, sam/dean, sam/dean/jess, sammy, sammy's puppy eyes, san francisco, sarcasm, scorning colt mccoy, sean bean, shipping it, shipping unsuspecting ncaa athletes, singing, sirius black, slash, spock, star trek, star wars, studio 60, stupid online journals, supernatural, sustained threesomes, talking, the comedian, the dark knight, the hobbit, the little prince, the rocky horror show, the secret garden, the sims, the two towers, thinking, tim curry, time consuming personal projects, true love, tv on the radio, victor hugo, washington d.c., washington redskins, watchmen, where's waldo?, wincest, writing

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