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I have no idea what to title this post.

I just sat here for like ten minutes trying to think of a clever title for this post and then I was like, "What are you doing with your life, Cherie?" Granted, I'm at work, so my other option, after angsting over post title was, "Order whole slew of business cards." Which isn't something I'm super invested in.

HELLO FRIENDSLIST, HOW ARE YOU??? Is everyone having ALL THE FUN IN THE WORLD AND THEN SOME over at spn_masquerade? I've only managed one fill so far, but I've gotten two people filling my prompts, so that's been awesome. I'm hoping to write some more today--my goal for this round is 5, but all I need to do is write at least 3 to beat my previous best record. Can I get a hell yeah for setting the bar low?

Are you playing in this playground? Talk to me about it. How many fills have you managed? Go on. Make me feel inferior. I'm into it. No, but seriously, I am having a blast working on stuff for this challenge, and if you are not playing yet, you still have a full day and a half to get in on this action!

The Parade of Perversion: Fills close September 19 at Midnight EST!

I think I used Jensen last time I pimped this, so there. Equal representation. Everybody tentacle!!!

I have written some other things recently that are also still Top Secret, so once the feedback period for Masquerade is up, I'm going to have quite a few fic things to share with y'all. It feels good. I'm taking it easy right now, trying to ease my muse back into existence after the hit she took this summer before trying to jump back into any major projects, and it's working. That said, I have quite a few deadlines coming up on me, so I need to get with it (*bats eyes at amberdreams--YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN).

Also, who got their spn_j2_xmas assignment and just about died? Mine is for someone I love and aside from that, we are so well-matched it's actually a problem? They listed like 21 pairings and 42 likes and all of them are things I want to write fic for. I genuinely have no clue what I'm going to settle on. Not really thinking about it this month, though.

Life has just entered that craziest period of the year for me. Work finally started to slow down now that the semester is underway and things are moving along, except that it's our performance review period, so that's a little stressful. But--and I am not complaining, believe me--I have SO MANY TRIPS coming up for the last months of this year, all in a row. Earlier this month I went up to New York to visit ordinaryink for labor day, as I do every year. We went to the renn faire and the jersey pool and it was a lovely trip.

Next week I am going back up AGAIN, but for THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER. New Jersey con with alllll my ladies. I am so excited to see tebtosca and fiercelynormal and dugindeep and of course my beloved riyku and others! G SPOT IN THE HOUSSSE. I also have a really funny plan (I think) for my photo op with Jared, and the main piece for my new cosplay arrived yesterday and it's fucking perfect. So, yeah, that's going to make my year. Also HOW SOON IS SEASON 11?! I haven't gotten excited about the show much in the last few years, but everything the boys have been saying...IT'S GETTING SO HARD NOT TO GET EXCITED.

So basically I'm living my life not able to think about anything except how great NJCon is going to be. Sorry, job that pays me money to think about other things.

Finally, I wanted to let my friends on LJ (and apologies to y'all who have already seen this 100 times on Twitter) that I am right now fundraising for the Washington AIDS Walk on October 24, which I do every year in memory of my father, who I lost to AIDS when I was a very little baby. The money goes to a fantastic organization in D.C. called The Whitman Walker Clinic, which provides medical care, therapy, and financial support to people and families living with HIV/AIDS in the DC-area. D.C. still has epidemic-level rates of infection--the highest in the country--but so much improvement has taken place over the last few years, largely thanks to the work of Whitman Walker (which also supplies free medical care to members of the LGBT community not dealing with HIV/AIDS).

I do it every year and it means so much to me, and thanks to the generosity of fandom, I've been able to be one of the top fundraisers for the past few years, which is absolutely wild to me. I'm going for a new personal best this year, so if you have anything at all to spare right now and are so inclined, please support me!

Okay, that's my plug! I think I am going to go do those business cards so I can get out of here and begin a weekend of porn writing such as the world has never seen!
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