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Hey everyone! By now, I am sure you have seen that reveals are up at spn_j2_bigbang. AKA basically the most exciting day of the year. LOOK AT ALL THOSE DELICIOUS COLLABS WE ARE GOING TO GET TO ENJOY THIS SUMMER.

As for me? Well, I don't want to say I hit the bigbang lottery, but I DID get claimed by the unfairly talented dollarformyname. This was mine:


Title: Sensory Overload
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
It's been hundreds of years since man fled the Earth's surface to the Metrosphere, a collection of cities built in protective bubbles just above the fatally polluted atmosphere. Life in the Metrosphere is ideal; crime, illness, and poverty have been eliminated, and the invention of affexions—engineered emotions—has allowed everyone to reach perfect happiness with just the click of a button.

Jared Padalecki is the favorite son of the Padaffexion Pharmaceutical Corporation, the poster boy for affexions and for the social order as it stands. He has never gone a moment without being 'fexed' and thus has never experienced negative emotions or doubt. All that changes when he is kidnapped by a group of terrorists who call themselves Naturals. They take him to the Surface, where Jared believed life had been wiped out, and introduce him to radical anti-fex ideas. Their leader, Jensen Ackles, is no happier to have Jared brought to his camp than Jared is to be there.

As he waits for a chance to escape back to the safety and comfort of his life in the Metrosphere, Jared must live as the Naturals do, learning to navigate the much more volatile emotions that come with living affexion-free. The longer he stays, the more he begins to see the dangers of living under the influence of prescribed emotions. Every moment he spends at Jensen's side makes him better understand that love isn't something that comes in a bottle, and it's up to him to take this message back to the Metrosphere. But bringing revolution will require a terrible sacrifice, and Jared may not be ready to give up what he's only just found.

How about you guys? What'd you write this year? Can't want to see all the claiming posts pop up on my flist today! I'm way too impatient to match summaries with the numbered list, but there were a ton of fics I am just dying to read (CAN I READ THEM NOW? HOW ABOUT NOW?).

On that note, I need to crawl back to my mess of a draft so I can get it to my artist without being completely embarrassed someone so great is reading my trash draft. /o\
Tags: big bang, fanart-monster!cherie strikes again, gay savant, i ship it!, jared and jensen are in love, oh fandom, public entry, the internet is eating my life
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