Bimbo Baggins (cherie_morte) wrote,
Bimbo Baggins

Think of it! A secret engagement--look, your future bride. Just think of it!

Helloooo humans! First off, because I ALWAYS FORGET ABOUT THIS UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE, I failed to celebrate my LJ's ELEVENTH birthday last Tuesday. 11! Pretty soon, my LJ will be trying to get me to let it learn how to drive. Which would be useful since I never bothered to do it.

I am super excited because it is T-58 minutes until the masks come off over at spn_masquerade and I HAVE JUST ACTUALLY MANAGED TO GET THROUGH READING ALL 35 PAGES. I THINK I MAY ACTUALLY NEED TO TAKE A BREAK FROM PORN AFTER THIS, THAT IS HOW MUCH PORN I READ. I did little else at work all week and literally nothing else all today, but I MADE IT. There were some hella amazing fills that I am seriously hoping get claimed. I am so bad at guessing. The ones I know, I only know because all my friends are terrible at keeping secrets, though I have a few suspicions on some other ones!

As for me, I managed only two fills. My goal was three with a reach goal of five, but I promised myself I would not be disappointed as long as I got one down. And two is one better than I managed last round! POSITIVITY. The universe conspired against me a bit this round--the first week ended up having a lot of unexpected paperwork and stress related to the apartment, which I was not expecting to be buying until next month, and the second week (last Thursday - this Thursday) I had a compressed nerve in my shoulder causing all kinds of arm pain. It hurt like hell to do anything, but especially type (even now, it's still not great to type, but alas, I have an addiction). Annnd it doesn't help that I pushed myself in tebtosca's Porn Sweatshop all day last Saturday to get those two fills done. Anyway, I'm giving myself a pass since I had some extenuating circumstances. Next round, at least 3 fills, and maybe one day I can be cool like riyku and write 300 fills/hour.

This is also why I've been terrible at commenting on your posts, guys. I promise I've been reading them, but even now, typing on my laptop is making my arm cramp up horribly, and there was just no way last week when the pain was at its worst.

Not sure if I'm gonna clean up my fills and post them today or tomorrow. In the meantime, anyone got any guesses on which are mine?* With no cheating from the peanut gallery who all already know. :P

* = if you guess both correctly on your first guess, I will think of something nice to do for you. :D
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