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Hello hello hello, flist! I am emerging from a wild month or so of one deadline after another to say HELLO and play in this WIP meme I've seen floating around the last few days.

Although, honestly, I'm not emerging so much as gasping for air at the surface before I go below again. My next spn_reversebang is posting on February 3, and I have been focusing on the first one, which ended up being a 35K+ behemoth. It took all my time and energy, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It's a J2 fairytale/royalty AU, which you should read because I worked really hard on it if that is your kind of thing!

Title: Pharmakon
Fandom: Real Person Fic - CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content (including somnophilia) and mental illness (which is handled badly in the universe, but the story is aware of it and tries to be critical about it)
Word Count: 35,221
Summary: AU: Jared is a farm hand, the sole breadwinner of a poor and growing family. When his brother steals an herb from a witch to save his sick wife, she curses the entire family, turning them into swans.

Jared returns home to find his family missing. The witch makes a deal with him: if he can knit six shirts out of poisonous nettles in three years and put one on each of his cursed relatives, it will break the spell. But Jared must also promise not to speak…which seemed like a pretty easy thing to do, until a beautiful prince stumbles upon him and takes him in. Basically, a J2 retelling of The Six Swans fairytale.

You should also totally check out the gorgeous art that inspired it and say nice things about it to expectative.

Because that fic spiraled so far out of control and ended up needing so many more words than I predicted (I thought it would be 14K...the entire world is laughing at me), I only need to write 11,311 more words this month to make 50K in January (this also includes my draft for super_disney). I don't know that I have ever hit 50K in one month--I certainly never have noticed if I did--and even if I don't write another word all January, I've already written 1/3 of my entire word count for 2014. So. I'm pretty proud of myself for starting the year out with a bang writing-wise, and I really hope this keeps up!! I'm definitely striving hard for the 50K in the next 5 days (which I kind of need to pull off anyway to get my second RBB up in time).

Anyway, enough about that! I spent my entire night narrowing this down to only 3 WIPs. MAKE IT 5 NEXT TIME, MEME GODS. SOME OF US ARE REALLY BAD AT FOLLOW THROUGH.


1. Into the City of Woe

"Do you think he'll manage it?" Jezebel asks, genuine curiosity in her voice. "Nine wins?"

They learned long ago that their new slaves need a little motivation to make the game worth playing. So they promise salvation. Freedom to any gladiator who can live through nine fights. Of course, it's futile. Dean has creatures these weak little souls could never imagine, all at his beck and call. Starved until they're released into the ring, hungry and restless.

He had good intentions, when they made the rules, to play by them. Let anyone who gets to nine go—they'd certainly have earned it. It was easy to be magnanimous when no one was ever going to come close.

Dean snickers at the implication that Sam might win and flicks his grape off the balcony, watches it hit one of the spectators below. "I'd hate to think what will happen to him if he does."

2. Shipwreck Between Your Ribs

"Please," the guy says again. His voice is rough, like he doesn't use it much, but he doesn’t have to lift it for Jensen to catch every word despite the rumbling thunder above them. "My name is Jared."

"Good for you?" Jensen replies, not realizing it comes out catty until it's out. "Look, we really need to get inside."

Jared shakes his head, long brown strands scattering water as he does so. "Please, will you say my name?"

"Jared," Jensen says. "We aren't safe out here, Jared. We need to get inside."

Jared cups Jensen's face with one big hand and smiles sadly when Jensen says his name, and it’s like he didn't hear anything else Jensen said.

"Thank you," he whispers, and then, before Jensen can even process what's happening, he turns, runs across the rocks on his bare feet and plunges into the water.

"You can't—" Jensen yells after him, his heart in his throat, expecting to see Jared slip and break his neck. Jared disappears over the edge in seconds, his feet incredibly agile and confident on the wet rock, but that doesn't make the frantic beating of Jensen's pulse calm any.

3. (Love Is) A Violent Spiral

He slides up next to her and puts his hands on the balcony. “Smoking’s not good for you, you know.”

Genevieve stops with the cigarette to her mouth, turns slowly, and blows the smoke out, right into his face. “You don’t say?”

Jared waves the smoke away and laughs. “I’m Jared,” he says, holding a hand out.

She looks down at his hand for a long few seconds, then raises an eyebrow. She doesn’t move, and she certainly doesn’t shake. “I didn’t ask.”

This seduction? Is not really going the way Jared planned.
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