Bimbo Baggins (cherie_morte) wrote,
Bimbo Baggins

Y'all are going to laugh me off the planet, but let me try this anyway...

My spn_reversebang! Annnndddd I'm not done with it! Annnnnd I can't get an extension because I've already gotten two and I have ANOTHER spn_reversebang that posts on Feb 3 which I have not gotten to focus on basically at all because THIS FIRST ONE DOES NOT WANT TO END, so basically, right now my plan is to write all day and get this mother done by midnight if it's the last thing I do.

I am searching for an INCREDIBLY GENEROUS soul who wants to be PERMANENTLY ADORED IN MY HEART FOREVER and who is basically free today to beta. I would send you about 23K now, and then once you finish that (or once I finish the story, whichever comes first) you can send me that back and I will send you whatever I have written in the interim until the whole story is done. My estimate is that it will be between 32K - 35K when done, so as you can see, I still have some work ahead of me.

I know this is a lunatic request, but if anyone thinks they can read over no more than 35K by the end of today and is for some reason interested in helping me out, please comment! Comments are screened.

The story is a J2 AU with few warnings. It's a fairytale retelling with fancy prince!Jensen desperately wanting the D from peasant!Jared. However, one thing I think people should know going in is that there is discussion of a mental illness (depression) that is not being handled well within the universe (the story is aware of the problems and critical of them, but it may be triggering for anyone who has had mental illness invalidated by the people around them IRL). There's also a hot second of consensual somnophilia.

I don't think it will need major work--and if it does, I'm kind of boned anyway because time--so it'll just be your standard issue beta.

ANY TAKERS?? I know I'm the worst and do not deserve your mercy. XD

Saints exist.
Tags: gay savant, i ship it!, jared and jensen are in love, my hair is my only friend, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, public entry, the internet is eating my life
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