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Howdy howdy everyone! I hope your holidays are going fantastically!

Mine have--I've been going to bed at 7 a.m. and waking up at 3 p.m., only changing clothes after showering to put on fresh pajamas. OBSERVE THE CHERIE IN HER NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Christmas was super lovely with my Grandma on her best behavior and my sister insisted we do a proper Cuban Christmas with Lechon and Cuba Libres to celebrate current events (when they finally open travel up between the US and Cuba, we are going to be able to take my Dad's ashes home...he's been sitting in a box for 20 years waiting for this, so we're really glad). Also, I got two Chipotle gift cards (TWO!!). I could not ask for more. And I know New Year's will be great, because I will be attending beckaandzac's party as usual and THIS TIME I WILL NOT HAVE THE WORLD'S WORST YEAST INFECTION RUINING MY FUN.

I also got the most insanely (that's literally insane but also insane in the 'greatly' context) amazing spn_j2_xmas gift from tebtosca, who took my completely accurate theory that young Jensen Ackles literally always looks like a serial killer and young Jared Padalecki literally always looks like a child prostitute and combined them and then also added incest because, well, she knows me. It's delicious, you should read it:

Title: Little Boy Blue
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word Count: 2200 words
Warnings: serial killer Jensen, underage hooker Jared, incest, allusions to past child abuse
Summary: Jensen's been looking for his little brother for a very long time.

It's just a nice holiday story about nice families who love each other. :')))) Look, there is even awesome bonus art from lightthesparks! :D

I also wrote a thing for spn_j2_xmas. It is decidedly less exciting than serial killer!Jensen, but I am happy with it anyway. XD Some Stanford era Wincest holiday fic:

Title: Strawberry Fields
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content (barebacking, voyeurism, masturbation, somnophilia), references to past underage with no age specified, some alcohol use and language
Word Count: 10,942
Summary: Sam has hardly slept off his last exam when Dean knocks on his door. He's not surprised, though he probably should be. He spent last winter break alone, and all the evidence pointed to Sam never seeing his brother again. But he felt Dean coming, an invisible thread stretched too tight between them loosening with every mile.

Before he can question it, he's sitting shotgun, his feet propped on the dash, the too-loud songs of his childhood sung in his brother's off key voice filling his ears as the wind whips past. And they're driving off to all points nowhere, nothing to do but take in the sights and each other.

My recipient left the LOVELIEST comment, so I think mission accomplished on that one! Up next, I will be wrapping up the draft of my first spn_reversebang, a J2 fic with the wonderful expectative during what's left of my vacation, and hopefully also posting a short New Year's Eve timestamp to a fic everyone has probably long forgotten. Then on to a quick super_disney fic before I get serious with my second spn_reversebang, a Sam/Dean fic with uh_tiramisu that I frankly think is going to be awesome (if I can pull it off, which is always the big if). Of course, this is all assuming I can make myself start doing things other than look at real estate, which is a tall order. I literally spent 17 hours at my computer looking at houses/apartments, most of which were wildly out of my price range, just for fun yesterday. This is getting to be a problem.

Oh!! Another super cool thing that happened recently. The insanely talented exmanhater made a podfic of my spn_reversebang from a couple years back, Dream a Little Dream of Menagerie. It's a joy to listen to, as are all her recordings, so if you are a fan of the story and feel like rediscovering it through a new medium or if you have always meant to read it and never gotten around, I highly recommend this!

Title: Dream a Little Dream of Menagerie
Fandom: CW RPF
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Length: 1:32:44
Summary: Jared's got the perfect job. He runs a pet store for his boss Misha—but it's not just any pet store. Misha's Dream a Little Dream of Menagerie is full of creatures most people only ever imagine: tiny lantern dragons, judgmental unicorns, songbirds that sound better than any radio, and even a baby Loch Ness monster. Lately it's been kind of hard to concentrate, however, thanks to the new on-site vet, Jensen, who has everything Jared's perfect man would have…and a serious boyfriend on top of all that.

Before I go, I have one last thing to wave my arms hysterically over hoping desperately it will get attention:

I know I already posted about this, and you may have heard from somewhere else, but wincon is in serious danger of dying out. The con hardly has over $6,000 of its $15,000 goal. That means we have until January 4 to raise just under $9,000. I know this seems kind of hopeless, but I just can't accept it's gonna go out like this. Wincon has been one of the best parts of my year every year for 5 years, and for some people it's been almost 10! I know after the Dashcon fiasco, people are understandably weary about giving to cons, but I can personally vouch for this one: it's a legit fan-run con that provides a safe space for attendees and which has practiced 100% transparency with this campaign, outlining where the money will go, why the campaign is running now (hotel contract needs to be signed in January and the con comm is not going to sign unless they know for sure they will be able to finance the con), etc.

Money is tight for a lot of folks, especially around this season, I know that. But I'm hoping that if anyone has anything at all to spare and wants to both get something cool and see their money go to a good cause, you'll pick this one. Maybe you have a little extra Christmas money and you'd like to grab a cool perk? There are some seriously incredibly things for grabs. But more than anything, we need people to register! THAT is what will make it the best possible con. If you've never been to a fan con before, it's like a giant slumber party and it's awesome. Come to Pittsburgh and hang out and BRING YOUR FRIENDS! Worried you won't know anyone? You'll get to know people--we looove our newbies. But the best way to make sure that won't happen is to convince all your friends to come, too. Worried your fandom won't be represented? That probably won't happen, but if you spread the word and convince the people you squee with online every day to come, than it can happen IN REAL LIFE, which is, honestly the best feeling.

Anyway, that's my pitch. Please ask me any questions you might have, I'll be happy to answer. Registering or buying a perk is without risk; the Indiegogo Campaign will refund all of the money if the $15,000 goal is not met by January 4. Basically, if you have any interest in seeing this con happen, act now and get your money back if it doesn't. It's now or never, so please help us save this wonderful con!!

THAT'S MY SPIEL. I'll be back in a few days to post my yearly writing memes. :D
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