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I'm writing an update! I'm writing an update at work, because every time I do something it gets complicated by outside forces, so I have decided to do next to nothing until I have to set up for our holiday party tomorrow. I ACTUALLY LOVE MY JOB A LOT I REALLY DO, it's just been a frustrating two weeks or so. Though we finally got someone hired into my old position, so at least I'm not doing two jobs anymore (did I ever tell you about that, LJ friends? Probably not because I fell off the planet, I got a new job and then my boss left and then they promoted me into that position, which was AMAZING but also meant I spent 7 months doing two full time jobs alone because there was no one else here to run the office GOOD TIMES).

Anyway, enough about work. And my life in general, because my life is boring, there are only four subjects I ever talk about 1) work, 2) how much I hate my current living situation, 3) my real estate obsession which I use to help get through how much I hate my current living situation (I am going to buy a house??? 9 months ago I was a grad student with no employment prospects??? 2014 has been really great to me???), or 4) fandom fandom fandom. Which is the one I most enjoy talking about, anyway, so here goes.

I wrote some things! A J2 fic for salt_burn_porn, which I'm not entirely happy with, but hey, I wrote 8K in one day, it's not a masterpiece but it could certainly be worse. If you are interested:

Title: Revelations
Fandom: Real Person Fic - CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content, homophobic comments, internalized homophobia, bad parenting, and discussion of religion
Word Count: 7,984
Summary: AU: Jared's friends all think he should hate Jensen, and maybe they're right. After all, Jensen hates him, hated him from the moment they met, just because he found out Jared is gay. But Jared can't make himself feel angry, can't even make himself stay away. Instead he secretly befriends Jensen, and learns that Jensen's been holding on to some secrets of his own.

This next one I actually AM very proud of! My samdean_otp minibang for this year's round. It's a little on the angsty side (haha, a little, get it? because I sneeze and it's too angsty to be called "a little" angsty), but I think it's pretty good? If tragic soulmates are your jam (if not, who are you? how did you get here??):

Title: Behold, A Pale Horse
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content, character death, body horror, blood drinking, and suicidal ideation/attempts.
Word Count: 19,221

Summary: When Sam fails to complete the third trial, a tear in the barrier between Earth and Hell is created and hellspawn called shadon are unleashed. The only way to bind these creatures and close the gates of Hell is for a sacrifice to be made by the man who chose his own life over completing the trials, and this time, the price is even greater. In order to correct the apocalypse he's released, Sam must kill his soulmate and live with the consequences.

After years without Dean, Sam dies on a hunt and thinks he will finally be reunited with his brother in Heaven. But when his reaper appears, it's Dean himself, and he's not as willing to reap Sam as Sam is to be reaped.

If those warnings turn you off, and I full on understand why they would, you should still at least look at the amazing as all fucking get out art set that quickreaver did for it. Seriously, am I the most spoiled little writer on the planet or what?

Now that those challenges are tucked away, I am drowning under spn_j2_xmas and two spn_reversebang fics. I am so so excited about the reversebangs, you guys. I have something for the J2 crowd and something for the Wincest crowd in the works. One is a sweet, tender story and the other is just the opposite, a really cool, intense idea that I'm a little smug about! Can't wait to see them both realized. spn xmas has posed a bit of a challenge just because I had two ideas and after some thought and journal stalking of my recipient, I realized neither of them is something the person will probably like. But I figured out something else that should be somewhat straight forward's hoping? I always try to do something grand and complicated and then never write anything I'm happy with for that challenge, so I think this might be a better approach, anyway.

On other fandom fronts, I'm happy to report that I'm in a fairly good place with Supernatural right now! At least compared to where I was a year ago. I've had some really long discussions with myself (shut up) and come to accept that I can only go forward by deleting all of Season 9 from my mind and not holding myself accountable for remembering what a trashcan they turned my favorite character into last season or how fundamentally destroyed my OTP is. I still won't ever be able to truly ship post-9x01 Wincest, but Season 10, while way too angel heavy and weak in some respects, has at least had some interesting nuggets for me to think over and be inspired by, which is an 8000% improvement on what they shit out last season. Demon!Dean was really hot in the 20 minutes of screen time he got (except in 10x01, which was awful and, like, what did he do that was even remotely demony? but what can you expect, our bud Carver wrote it). I loveeeed 10x02, it did things to my loins. And I unironically, without reserve fucking ADORED the Clue episode. It felt like the actual show, in a way I don't think anything has since season 5!! It was funny and the boys were the boys and just. Perfection. Plus, "It's okay! I hunt pheasant!" is now my motto in life. Low expectations for tonight's episode, because for some damn reason they thought the mid-season finale should be about Castiel with some appearances by Crowley, but hopefully we'll at least get some more dark!Dean out of it. I refuse to believe we've seen the last of demon!Dean (and my vagina refuses, as well).

I've also been a fanfic reading MACHINE lately. It will never fail to amaze me that in a fandom this old and with anything current-canon being ruled out, I can still manage to be overwhelmed by all the great new fic there is to dive into. This year, for the first time ever, I got through or at least gave a chance to every single fic that caught my attention in spn_j2_bigbang. This has been a DISTANT DREAM for me every other year, but I ACTUALLY DID IT, JFC. Haven't gotten to read many samdean_otp minibangs because I was trying to finish my own, but the ones I have so far have been great.

Relatedly, here is a reclist of some wonderful pre-series fics I've read recently.

Finally, I'd like to talk about something near and dear to my heart. This may or may not be the first time you're hearing about this, and I might post about it again, but. For five years now, I have been attending a wonderful fan-run con called wincon. Wincon used to be a Supernatural con, but it has since become panfandom (means you will have fun no matter what your fandom is, but if your fandom is Supernatural then I SELFISHLY WANT YOU THERE SO I CAN TALK TO YOU ABOUT SHOW NON-STOP). Basically, this is a giant fangirl slumber party. It's one of the funnest things I do all year, and I have gotten to see so many cool cities I wouldn't have otherwise thanks to the fact that it moves around. I love it, it's a huge part of my life, and I've made so many of my closest fandom friends because of it.

Unfortunately, it's been shrinking in recent years, and without some new blood, it will not be able to continue. Wincon has been going strong for 9 years, and it would be heart breaking for it to end without hitting that 10 or getting a proper send off. Right now, there's an indiegogo campaign running to try and get next year's con, which will be held in Pittsburgh, off its feet. If you think a giant fangirl slumber party sounds like something you might enjoy, then I would love to see you there! Please head on over to the indiegogo page and learn more about Wincon so you can decide if it's right for you (IT ISSSSS, COME PLAY WITH US). Or, if you can't join us next October, you might be interested in buying some of the amazing perks fans are offering. Among other awesome things, you can commission art from some of the most talented fanartists IN THE WORLD, including quickreaver (who did that amazing art for my Wincest fic linked above, I bet you want some of that), ordinaryink who did a ton of the whimsical art on my J2 fics, and reapertownusa, who I haven't been lucky enough to work with, but I don't have to tell you how talented they are. There are fun crafts, warms knitted things, jewelry--all kinds of crazy cool things up if you help support Wincon. The incredible amount of talent and varied selection available is hard to believe, and is such a testament to how much people who have been to past wincons are willing to give to support it.

Anyway, that's my psychobabble rant about it. Please, please, please do not hesitate to comment here or contact me provately with any questions about the con. It'll be my pleasure to answer any and all things. ♥

Okay, I am going to pack up and go home to wrap more gifts now. Guess who has two thumbs and is done with all of their holiday shopping BELOW BUDGET. That's right. I'm amazing.
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