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¿Cuál fue la última palabra de mi infancia?

Hello, everyone. It has been approximately 150 years since I last posted. I owe you guys a proper update on my life--which has been a real whirlwind this year, but all good things. Unfortunately, good does not equal unstressful, and I've been pretty much sprinting just to stay barely above the water since April.

I started a new job, got promoted from that job to a way better one, and have been doing both jobs since, but THE END IS IN SIGHT because we are actually in the process of hiring someone into the vacant position (and then I will be someone's boss! WEIRD!!!). I looked through all our applicants and sent off the top candidates this morning (hey look at me I'm the gatekeeper or something) and, actually, did you know that job searches are just as horrendous from the hiring side as when you're the one interviewing! I sure didn't, but I hear it'll get worse once the interviews start. SUPER FANTASTIC.

Anyway, I would love to but will probably never get around to updating you on all the great adventures this year, from DC Con and secretlytodream coming to visit, to Comic Con (where I cursed out Jared and Misha as they came to say hi to us camping out because I thought they were drunk assholes, and then Jared gave me a high five [only actually he was trying to give riyku a high five and I just jumped in the middle of it like a savage] so IF YOU REMEMBER JARED TALKING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SAT UP AND YELLED AT THEM TO FUCK OFF DURING THE PANEL, THAT WAS ME *crowning achievement*) and many fun cosplays were had. I've also been spoiled with endless playdates with riyku, which have produced several chili cheese fries and an incredibly lovely day at the Maryland renn faire this weekend. Somehow, she has not yet noticed I'm not cool enough to hang out with her. :3333 And Wincon is less than a month away! Such riches in my life, when I get to see so many beloved fandom faces with my eyeballs.

Somehow I always do this. I came to make a very short update (as I am AT WORK) and not talk about my life, but I find myself blabbering nevertheless. I am behind on everything: commenting on y'alls posts, keeping this thing updated, writing fic, posting fic, commenting on art for all the spn_j2_bigbangs (though I've actually been doing a great job reading through them, and I think this may be my first year to actually read all the ones I intend to read!), etc and so forth. I am the worst LJ friend. Truly, the worst.

But I am here to be even worse, by which I mean I hope to solicit donations from you. If you have anything to spare, that is! Today is actually the 20th anniversary of my father's death, which is kind of surreal and weird and glooming me out, because I didn't prepare for it (for whatever reason, I thought it was Friday). POINT IS, I am walking in the DC AIDS walk in his memory, as I do every year, and I am hoping to raise more than ever to mark this anniversary. I'm already halfway there thanks to the lovely fandom folks on Twitter, and now I am going to bug you all on LJ, too. You can donate to make shut up. :P Here is my page if you are interested:

I will offer up this fanfiction, which I have posted since my last update, and which you should read with your eyeballs, as an offering to make up for you never seeing me except to solicit donations. :P It's porn!! You guys like porn, right?!

Title: And a Hard Place
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content
Word Count: 3,150
Summary: As soon as they were inside their room, Dean made a line for the closet and slammed the door, and Sam wasn't even surprised, this has been happening for years. He can't account for the why, but he gets that Dean needs it, so he doesn't say all the things he wants to.

Tags: a slave to the man, america: fuck yeah, family generally means woe, fangirling fangirls irl, jared and jensen are in love, my hair is my only friend, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, public entry, the internet is eating my life, traaaaaditions
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