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*shows up 9 hours late to own party*

HEY GUYS SO HEY. HEEEEY. Yesterday, I was whining having a conversation with dephigravity on twitter about how much we missed the good ol' LJ days, back when posting was like all the time and fandom was this vibrant community and wendy was like, SO WHY DON'T YOU POST TOMORROW? and I was like I DON'T HAVE A GOOD ANSWER TO THAT. No, on the real, I have been meaning to make a post about life for months, but I keep getting overwhelmed, but I have had SO SO much fun and joy seeing LJ COMING TO LIFE today, so I AM NOT GOING TO MISS OUT even if it is already 10 PM. BWAH, WHATEVER, I HAD WORK.

The truth is, so much has changed already this year that I don't even know where to begin. My life is so, so different now. Last time I posted, I was in my last semester of grad school, working two jobs, just moved into a great new apartment. The apartment has turned out to be...well, it's not perfect. For example, last month, a building fell on it. No, true story. A building fell on my building. I had to rescue my roommates' angry cats (they were, of course, on vacation, because of course) and couldn't come home for a few days and it was nutty. But it's affordable and cute and the location is unparalled so, whatever.

I graduated in May! I am a Master of Arts now! *wiggles fingers* Honestly, the whole thing was kind of weirdly anti-climactic. By the time last semester rolled around, I was just so done with it. I DID THE WORK GIVE ME THE DAMN DEGREE. Also my bathroom flooded the morning of, it was raining, it was a mess. BUT HEY. My best friend came to see me and that was lovely.

I went on a cruise! Yeah! By myself! It was great except for how everyone I talked to tried to make me feel sad and pathetic for being on a cruise by myself. But I went to Grand Cayman and Mexico and saw the ruins of Tulum and swam in the bluest water I have ever seen in my life--delightful!

Okay, I'm stalling. The really exciting stuff I have right now is about my job. My one job. I think when I posted in February, I mentioned having a interview for a full time position at my university's Writing Program (I was working part time for Judaic Studies as well as a remote position for the Writing Center, which is a branch of the Writing Program). I wanted to come work full time with someone at the program and also I just plain wanted a full time gig after I graduated, you know?

So--I got the job! I started, everything was great...two weeks after I started, my immediate boss, ie: the person I wanted to work with, told me she's leaving. Sooooo...that was a bummer! But I was so happy working there anyway. I mean, my last boss was nuts. Honestly, not a bad lady, but the things she would ask for was bizarre. I was at the bottom rung of a pretty low ladder and no one ever acknowledged that I was kind of great at what I did and took pride in my work. It was just taken for granted. My new department is, like, man, guys. I can't tell you. They treat me like I'm part of the team. Like, the faculty all thank me for things and compliment me on my work and I never feel like the hired help or like they think I'm less than because I'm staff. Everyone is so great. The boss I work most closely with is this kick ass lady who intimidated the shit out of me but now I am just like, my eyes explode in hearts and stars whenever she comes by, she is so great. Everyone is great. EVERYONE IS GREAT I LOVE THIS JOB, OKAY?

Then I got the crazy idea to apply for the job my boss friend had just left into my head and despite some bumps along the way, I finally went through with it. This job don't even know. I frankly always intended to go for this job, or a job at this level in another department, but I was thinking 5-10 years down the road. Guys, this job is a big, big deal. older-middle-aged ladies who had been in their careers as long as I've BEEN ALIVE came to interview and I was honored that they'd even thrown me a pity interview, but I was pretty convinced I had no shot.

I got that job, too! This job is so huge, you guys don't even know. I'm going to be making more than my mom ever did the entire time she was raising us and I just...for the first time in my life I feel secure? I've never been secure before, it's wild. I think about it sometimes and want to cry. The director of the problem, who I had worked very little with at that point, told me that (aforementioned adored boss) had given him the impression that "they had me at a steal."

The not awesome thing is that the university put out a 3-month staff hiring freeze in the middle of my hiring. I've been doing both the job I am currently hired into and the job I will be taking over soon for 2 months now (that's two full time jobs) after only working there a month before I had to take over everything. So it's been stressful, this department is about 5 times the size of the department I used to run, but I have handled it kind of amazingly well so far, I'm not gonna lie. I mean, they put a lot of faith in me giving me this promotion so young and so soon, but I am going to show them they made the right choice because I am fucking great at what I do. Anyway, even with all the added stress, the fact that I genuinely enjoy the people I work with and what I do now is such a breath of fresh air.

And all day I was stressing over how I was going to tell you guys about this promotion without being kind of whiny about it, because I was told I got the job over a month ago and thanks to the hiring freeze, they (they being the University as a whole, not my bosses) were trying to make it so I didn't get promoted until September. It's been weeks and I've been getting the same "we're trying, we're trying" and had yet to even see an offer letter. So...I'd kind of given up on seeing any of that life improvement any time soon. But the Director of the program was pissed--he was embarrassed, I think, by the idea that they were going to continue to make me work both of these jobs by myself for several more months and they were going to make him ask me to keep doing that for the lower pay, as well. He fought the Dean's Office for weeks, seriously, he has been pulling in help from all over, and today he forwarded me an email I wasn't supposed to see confirming that they were going to make an exception and start me into my new position next week. So. :DDDDDDD THAT IS HAPPENING THAT IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING.

So yes. Jobs. *thumbs up* I'm a little worried about August/September when the academic year is starting up and I am still the only one working, but I got through the end of the fiscal year and the director made a point of stopping by my desk to tell me he could seriously not believe how fast I'd gotten all our expenses processed. I think? I can handle it?

That leads me to the only part I am kind of nervous about, which is that I am now in a boss position? I mean, it's weird. I have a student aide who comes in a few times during the week and I feel so fucking weird telling her what to do, because she'd been there longer and is older than me. And once the school year starts, I'm going to have two student aides and the person who we hire into my current position all, like, as my direct reports. HELP ME I HAVE NEVER BOSSED ANYTHING I AM A GIANT CHILD??? I sent my aide to campus on an errand last Thursday just so I could have a dance party in the empty office, I am not qualified to be anyone's boss.

Just to break up the monotony of my job rambling, I went to DC Con in early May with the wonderful riyku and secretlytodream (who came alll the way from Russia and allowed me to drag her and her friend up and down the District because TOURISM) and it was just. The most life alteringly wonderful experience. I honestly expected it to be cheesy and I was like, "I'll go to one Supernatural con just to say I did and that will be that." THAT IS NOT HOW IT TURNED OUT, OKAY? I want to go to soo many more but it was sooo expensive. BUT THE FANGIRLS ALONE. I mean, I go to Wincon, and Wincon is great, but it's been years since really anyone there wanted to talk about Supernatural anymore. At DC Con, everyone wanted to talk about Supernatural all the time and we could all make jokes about how bad Season 9 is but only from a place of still being so deeply in love with this show. I am not going to name everyone I hung out with because YOU GUYS KNOW WHO YOU ARE and also this entry is already long enough. XD

AND THEN THERE WAS THE BOYS. I don't have to tell you, do I? How I was tearing up just seeing them so close after so many years in fandom. They were so warm and excellent and so much more than I expected and I EXPECTED A LOT. I went through the worst withdrawal after the con ended. I seriously had to fight myself every five seconds not to dump all my savings into another con.

Okay, no, I have to post these:

I am short and I have baby hands so I committed size kink. Do you forgive me??

I call this one "My Two Dads." TELL ME THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE AN ADORABLE GAY MARRIED COUPLE AND I AM THE LITTLE CHILD THEY ADOTED FROM SOUTH AMERICA AND NOW WE ARE TAKING FAMILY PORTRAITS BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE LOOOOVE FAMILY PORTRAITS. Jared's face alone. He looks so smug. "Look at my great husband. Look at our great little girl. Look at our great life!" I didn't even plan it this way--I just wanted to be sandwiched between their manly chests, but this is so much better than I ever could have dreamed.

I asked Jensen for an awkward prom photo, which amused him a lot, but now in context of the above, it just looks like I'm taking a photo with my dad while my other dad holds the camera and beams proudly.

Basically that's my life right now. I went to New York to see ordinaryink recently and I have been watching From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series and playing Spyro the Dragon because I am an adult and shit. I have not been writing as much as I would like, but I am really trying to work on that this month.

On that note, here is an assload of fic I posted since my last entry:

Title: Into Oblivion
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 for death (temporary), amnesia (temporary), permanent injury, drug use (marijuana), a necro kiss, Dean being attracted to Sam at the age of 17 (it never gets acted on), and porn (barebacking)
Word Count: 24,390
Summary: AU after 8x23: Sam dies before completing the last trial, leaving Dean alone and desperate. After a month of trying to bring Sam back with no luck, Dean gets a tip from the most unlikely of places: Metatron. Now reigning in Heaven, the angel is still looking for stories—one story in particular. Sam and Dean broke destiny when they derailed the apocalypse, rewrote the book Metatron had penned himself so many thousands of years ago, and now theirs is the only history the Scribe of God can't access. Although he has Sam's soul captive in Heaven, no amount of torture has convinced Sam to give up his and Dean's life story.

Metatron gives Dean a scroll and makes a bet: if Dean can follow the instructions and return Sam's soul to his body within three days, then Heaven will relinquish its claim on Sam. If he can't? Dean will forget he ever had a brother, and all of his memories of Sam will belong to Metatron. It sounds like a fair enough deal, but of course there's a catch. From the moment Dean reads the instructions, he begins to forget Sam and his quest, each memory disappearing faster the more clues he leaves to keep himself on track. It's a race against the clock to decide Sam's life, and it's all or nothing. Dean will get his brother back—or lose him completely.

The really important thing to note here is that I GOT petite_madame ART. <3____<3 Still not over it, tbh.

For salt_burn_porn (I wrote demon!Dean before it was cool!):

Title: Dark Paradise
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content, VERY dark!boys, blood play, breath play, and very graphic violence (including a minor), definite issues of consent on aspects of the sex
Word Count: 3,552
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn where riyku tagged me with let me catch my breath. Obviously not beta'd. I'm sorry the title is so terrible, I ran out of time trying to think of one. Wah wah wah. Also sorry I did not write corset kink, Riyku dearest. I still think you're pretty!
Summary: AU after 3x16: He knew as soon as Dean rose up from the bones what it was he brought to life. And maybe Sam should have been horrified right there and right then, but he was giddy as he watched Dean kill. All he could think was it's really him, he even looks the same.

For basically the exact opposite of the above two, I wrote some schmoopy kid fic? No, I know. So not me, but it wanted to be written! And this got wonderful art from cassiopeia7.

Title: A Doll's House
Fandom: Real Person Fic: CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen, past Jared/Genevieve
Rating: R for some sexuality, alcohol use, and language
Word Count: 20,763
Summary: AU: Jensen owns Puzzles Toys, a high-end store specializing in making and selling dollhouses. Jared is a regular; he stops by every few days with his daughter, Emma. They visit so often that Jensen can't help starting to suspect it's not just toys bringing them back.

Funnily enough, I posted my spn_j2_bigbang last week, ALSO with OODLES OF AMAZING ART from cassiopeia7, who spoiled me rotten.

Title: Carve Our Names in Hearts Into the Warhead
Fandom: Real Person Fic - CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen, past Jensen/OFC
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content, mass off-screen death including a spouse. I will also warn that the end of this story is left wide-open, like Jensen Ackles' legs.
Word Count: 20,267
Summary: AU: After years of training to be a U.S. missileer, Jared finds himself locked in a missile silo underground with only one other pissed off crew member to keep him company. There he and Jensen wait (and wait and wait) for a message from their superiors: an order that will either announce the end of World War III and tell them to return to life on the surface or leave them with the responsibility of sending a retaliatory missile to the enemy, ensuring that no one makes it out alive on either side except for those safely contained in fallout shelters.

And that, my friends, is more-or-less everything I have been putting off posting since February. VIVE LA LJ!!!
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