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Great things come in packages out of the same vagina you came out of because--heeyy incest rec list.

I am a bit late on this, but I claimed a wish over at insmallpackages back when the world was young and I didn't realize how crazy my winter break would be, because incest. They asked for: What are your favorite incest ships? Why's that? Any fics or gifs or otherwise? I didn't manage to fill it in the open posting period, but I still wanted to do the thing because I may or may not have a slight kink and now everything I watch has turned to incest.

**FULL DISCLOSURE: I did not make any of these gifs or draw any of this art or do anything but google and take links. If you would like credit for anything that I used in this post, please just comment to let me know!


So, with no further ado, my top 10 incest pairings:

1. Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Obviously! I have very serious doubts anyone in the world looking for incest recs is not or has not already ridden on the Sam/Dean train. So I'll keep it brief: blahblahblah, grew up with nothing but each other, saved the world together, most epic love to ever, and so on and so forth.

Yeah, basically just a lot of that.

My Sam/Dean tag on Tumblr.

Some fic recs:

2. Yancy and Raleigh Becket (Pacific Rim)

Ugh, so like. They are drift compatible. And spent the first 10 minutes of the movie grinning at each other and making "I know I'm gonna see you wanting to fuck me when we drift together and you're gonna see that, too" eyes at each other. And then it all goes TRAGIC AND WOEFUL, which is also yummy. I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU'RE GONNA DRIFT WITH SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY AND HAVE IT NOT GET INCESTY BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE SEX OR THINK ABOUT IT THEY ARE GOING TO SEE THAT SO JUST SAYING. For this reason, Pacific Rim also humbly submits for your consideration: Hercules/Chuck Hansen (father/son) and the Wei brothers (#tripletcestisbest).

(Actual golden retrievers Yancy and Raleigh Becket.)

JUST ADMIT IT YOU FUCKED YOUR DEAD BROTHER, OKAY????? You can find more Yancy/Raleigh if you wanna go through my Pacific Rim tag on Tumblr.

3. Boromir/Faramir (Lord of the Rings)

Little brother has inadequacy issues because everyone thinks his big brother is way better than him. EVERYONE BUT BIG BROTHER THAT IS. Please to insert one million instances of Boromir having a huge ego--unless bragging would mean making Faramir look bad, blindly agreeing with everything Dad says--unless he's picking on little brother, in which case he stands up for Faramir instead. LET'S JUST TALK ABOUT FARAMIR AND BOROMIR.



My first ever incest pairing was Merry/Pippin. I had to be talked into being okay with shipping them even though they were RELATED GROSS. Kekekekeke, cut to however many years later, and now I'm like MERRY/PIPPIN IS SO GR8 BUT I WISH THEY WERE MORE RELATED. Still, cousins kind of counts????

Then also there is Fili/Kili in The Hobbit. The Hobbit isn't really my jam, but these guys were a notable high point. Apparently old man Tolkien was just really into incest (there is also canon incest in The Silmarillion, ohhhh yeah).

There are many pretty arts about this on the interwebs.


YOU'RE MY PRESENT THIS YEAR. My favorite part is that the parents know what's up. They sent him all the way to Africa to separate them and he gets home and mom just jolts out of bed like SHIT HE'S HERE WE HAVE TO STOP THEM BEFORE THEY GET STARTED AGAIN AHHH.

We know the internet is great because THERE IS FIC FOR THIS.

My Folgercest tag on Tumblr.


5. Cersei and Jaimie Lannister (Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire)

Now for the first entry in my #twincestisbest series. Jaimie and Cersei are also the first canon couple on this list. They have three incest babies together, hooray!!! These two are the bomb not only because we get to watch them fucking in canon or read canon sex scenes in which they have menstruation sex on their son's death altar, but just because they are awesomely evil. All they care about is their nasty, dirty, incestuous love for each other. They mostly don't care who knows it and certainly aren't sorry. THEY KINK ON THE FACT THAT THEY SHARED A WOMB.

This is not a manip.

This is not a manip.

Those are the actual lines, tho.

That's them + Kanye lyrics so. Basically. I've made my point.

6. Luke/Leia (Star Wars)

Part two in the #twincestisbest series. If this isn't everyone in fandom's gateway drug to incest, frankly, I don't trust you. Luke's little starry-eyed face the first time he sees her all, "WOW SHE'S BEEAAAUUUTTIIFFUUULL." And his jealousy when Han tries to move it. Of course, eventually they both warm up to Han. And that's why incestuous threesomes exist, folks.

7. Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter)

My third and final entry to #twincestisbest. If you spend 90% of your time causing mischief with one other person and also you have a magical map that tells you when people are coming close so you can avoid getting caught? Fred and George are far too smart to waste that kind of power. And then to get sad. If your brother dies and you marry his girlfriend because you can't cope with losing him and then you name your son that you had with your dead brother's girlfriend who you were both probably dating at the same time because incestuous threesomes are important after said dead brother? I AM GOING TO SHIP YOU, I JUST THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW. George and Fred are carrying on an honored tradition of incest, started (possibly) by their beloved dead uncles Gideon and Fabian Prewett (whose names start with the same letters which is a ~sign or something). They pass this tradition on to their adored little sister Ginny, who is practically the third Weasley twin. And also sad George/Ginny mourning dead!Fred sex. Ship ALL the Weasleycest.

(I loove it when they speak at the same time. <3___<3)

8. John F. Kennedy/Robert F. Kennedy (U.S. History)

I minored in Cold War history in college. Before I knew I had incest kink, it made me really uncomfortable to read anything about JFK and RFK. Because, like. Not only are they good looking brothers who worked really well together and had seriously overactive sex drives, but little brother!Bobby was SUPER overprotective of JFK. YOU HEARD RIGHT. The little brother was all overprotective of the big brother. JFK would be prancing around putting his dick in things while Bobby was doing all the real work, meanwhile Bobby spent the entire Cuban Missile Crisis running around yelling "MY BROTHER ISN'T GOING TO END THE WORLD" at anyone who tried to talk to him. Basically, gay incest.


9. The Pevensies but mostly Lucy and Edmund (The Chronicles of Narnia)

So, like, who doesn't love a troop of four dimension-traveling kings and queens who never marry despite having tons of suitors because they are too busy all respecting each other too much? But most importantly, how about Lucy and Edmund? Edmund Pevensie gets a rough wrap because he fucks up in the most popular book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, sure. But let's analyze his fuck up in particular. When he is a bratty child, he gets in a fight with his siblings, especially his little sister Lucy, because he accuses her of lying about Narnia. He is WRONG and bad things happen. And then? He spends the entire rest of his life basically worshiping her. He never distrusts her again. Whenever the vote comes down to him in trying to decide what king and queenly things they will do in Narnia, he sides with Lucy because AND I FUCKING QUOTE, "The last time I didn't believe Lucy, I looked pretty stupid." NO BUT REALLY THO. THE OLDER. MALE. SIBLING. SPENDS THE REST OF HIS LIFE. DEFERRING TO HIS BABY SISTER. BECAUSE HE THINKS SHE IS BASICALLY EVERYTHING GOOD AND PURE. They are also the two that are in the most books, because they basically never outgrow Narnia, they just float through life beaming at each other like, "YOU'RE REALLY GREAT AND ALSO WE ARE ROYALTY LET'S DO THE INCEST!!"

And then they added this thing in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie where Lucy watches Edmund flirt with some girl and the girl keeps tucking her hair behind her Lucy goes home and stands in front of a mirror all critical of herself until she TUCKS HER FUCKING HAIR BEHIND HER EAR AND KEEPS FACING THAT SIDE TOWARD EDMUND LIKE SHE WANTS HIM TO NOTICE.

10. Prince William/Prince Harry/Kate Middleton (British History)

You know what saved me from being annoyed when nobody wanted to talk about anything but the royal wedding a few summers ago? Probably that the prince and his bride are 186% chance having an incestuous threesome with little brother Harry. Let's look at the evidence: 1. LOL British royalty lol incest lol for real though, 2) Harry goes everywhere with Kate and Will, and all the newspapers love to write articles about what a third wheel he is and how annoyed Kate and Will must be by it...only they only ever look thrilled he's around?, 3) on the day of said wedding, when Will couldn't yet see his bride because blahblah bad luck, Harry went to take a peek, came back to his brother and was like, "Wait until you see her *____*" I mean.

Here is one of those articles all, "THE LAST THING KATE & WILL WANT WITH THEIR NEW BABY IS A NOISY NEIGHBOR LIKE PARTY ANIMAL HARRY" only everyone who knows them is like, "Yeah! Harry moving next door! What a great idea!!!!"

Also: let us not ignore the potential for angsty!in-love-with-his-brother-and-his-sister-in-law!Harry tries to drown his woes and pretend he's okay by partying 24/7.

Liek, here is Kate and her two dates.




And that's all I have to say about that at the moment.
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