Bimbo Baggins (cherie_morte) wrote,
Bimbo Baggins

I've always had a passion for flashin' before I had it, I closed my eyes & imagined: the good life.

So, as in past years, I need a nice, shiny list of things I intend to write this year up on LJ so everyone can see my shame when I inevitably fail at half of them. WOOOO!


+ spn_reversebang 1: Between Scylla and Charybdis [Sam/Dean] - January 30

+ spn_reversebang 2: Into Oblivion [Sam/Dean] - February 13

+ kidficstory: A Doll's House [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault] - February 27

+ robotbigbang: Do Androids Dream? [Sam/Dean; unavoidedcrisis's fault] - A-FUCKING-SAP, JFC

+ spacebigbang: Come Along [Jared/Jensen] - May 16

+ samdean_otp minibang (if it runs again): Reaper!Dean [Sam/Dean]

+ polybigbang: Genevieve/Sandy/Adrianne incesty fic of doom

+ sastiel_bigbang (if it runs again): I'm going to write Sassy! [Sam/Castiel]

+ spn_reversebang (if it runs again)

+ spn_j2_xmas


+ Rom Com Marriage Reversal [Jared/Jensen] for nightrider101 for help_japan

+ Something with knotting [Jared/Jensen] for wendy for fandomaid

+ Fic for tebtosca for my AIDS Walk drive - November 19


+ Drag Queen!Jared 'Verse
- Phone sex kink [Jay/Jensen] - August 26
- Impreg kink with surprise feels [Jay/Jensen] - May 10, 2015
- Proposal fic [Jared/Jensen] - May 25
- angsty break up yay [Jared/Jensen] - March 8, 2015
- Jensen in drag lesbians [Jay/Jensen] - June 6
- Angsty replacement sex [Jared/Gen, Jared/OMC, unrequited Jared/Jensen] - November 13
- Jensen brings Tommy to see Anita perform [Jensen/Anita+Jared+Jay] - June 15
+ Knotting Slave!Jared 'Verse
- for wendy [Jared/Jensen] - October 30
- for lyryk [Jared/Jensen]
- for sylvaniae [Jared/Jensen; Misha/Genevieve]
+ Cradlesong 'Verse
- This is The End [Sam/Dean/Jess; Jess in The End verse; for clex_monkie89]
+ Hydra 'Verse
- Tentacle!Sam can make Dean SEE THINGS [Sam/Dean]
+ Old!J2 'Verse
- The Tramps [Jared/Jensen; for ordinaryink]
- And another for unavoidedcrisis
+ Ginger 'Verse
- We're Back: A Dinosaur Story [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault] - December 25
+ Circus 'Verse
- Baby, I'm a Put-On-a-Show Kind of Girl [Adrianne/Genevieve; for secretlytodream] - November 30
- Some porn for deirdre_c [Jared/Jensen]
+ Werewolf!Dief 'Verse (er, which doesn't actually exist yet...)
- Fraser/Dief/RayK Threesome of Glory [Fraser/Dief/RayK]
+ Wild West Lesbians 'Verse
- for bertee [Genevieve/Danneel]
+ Tiny!Jared Verse
- Porny Timestamp - January 10
- Sad Timestamp - January 10
+ The Doctor!Jared Verse
- Timestamp for a verse that doesn't even exist yet
+ Assassin!Jared Verse
- Jared/Jensen/Genevieve Timestamp


+ Outtakes [Jared/Jensen] - July 19

+ Shipwreck Between Your Ribs [Jared/Jensen] - July 25

+ J2 sheet fic with glovered [Jared/Jensen] - October 31

+ Tuck Everlasting!J2 [Jared/Jensen] - January 10, 2015

+ Moonlighting Sonata [Fraser/Dief] - January 19, 2015

+ Of Sir Padahad and the Grail for ordinaryink's birthday - February 11, 2015

+ Draw Three Figures on Your Heart [Sam 'n' Dean Gen]

+ (Love is) a Violent Spiral [Jared/Genevieve]

+ What's in a Name? [Sam/Dean; balefully's fault at wincon 2011]

+ SPNXDue South [Dean/Sam-ish, Dean/Fraser-ish]

+ Jeeves & Wooster Mishalecki [Jared/Misha]

+ A Girl in the War [girl!Sam/Dean/Jess]

+ X Files Wincest [Sam/Dean]

+ Pacific Rim!Wincest

+ Dystopia!J2

+ Religious!Jensen

+ The Hobbit!J2

+ The Man Behind the Curtain

+ Prison J2

+ Hooker!Jensen/Flaneur!Jared

+ Hooker!Jared/Diner!Jensen (shut up I really like hookers, okay!?)

+ creature!Sam/Dean

+ Element dragons!

+ Previous Condition [Jared/Jensen]

+ Ghost!Yancy/Mako/Raleigh

Right, so. Better get started on that. Tomorrow. ;)
Tags: big bang, gay savant, genevieve is my wife jared is confused, here let me write you a novel, i just really like tentacles okay, i ship it!, i watch dr who now dr who is cool, jared and jensen are in love, my hair is my only friend, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, pacific rimjobs, public entry, thank you kindly, the angel of the holy grail, the internet is eating my life, the truth is incest, those brothers have sex, threesomes are important, traaaaaditions, tracey makes me do weird things
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