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Back in black. :D

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let y'all know that my laptop crisis has been resolved. I now have a beautiful new laptop named Cleopatra (keeping with the tradition of naming laptops after sexually promiscuous women of history). Cleo and I have spent the night getting to know each other and so far I'm, well, very impressed with her capabilities. LOOK AT HIM. HE IS STARING DIRECTLY THROUGH MY VAGINA. I had every intention of choosing something with both Sam and Dean in it for OTP reasons, but then I put that one up just to test how it would look and, well. *drool* HOW DO YOU FACE, JENSEN ACKLES? I think we would all like to know. Sufficient to say, as annoying as it is trying to get everything set up, I think this is going to be a pretty great change. :D I also may have spent a million dollars on ten-year-old computer games I used to play as a kid that Catherine could not handle but which I am so fucking excited to play again (Rollercoaster Tycoon! The Sims 2! WITH ALLLL THE EXPANSION PACKS!).

I don't know how much I'll be around--my professors this semester both have no conception of how much can realistically get done in a week, and life has been so busy (both with good and bad stuff) lately that I can hardly manage all my reading. That said! I am still an over-comitted nutcase with no social life (woooo!),'s a list of some fandom things I am excited about/working on:

- robotbigbang with blythechild, which is a Bladerunner-inspired Sam/Dean fic, the draft of which got lost in The Great Laptop Crash of 2013, so I get to build that from scratch. SO GREAT. LOVE IT. NOT EVEN MAD. *eye twitch*

- samdean_otp with quickreaver, which I fortunately had e-mailed to someone fairly recently so now I just have to finish about half of it, as opposed to, you know, RESTARTING FROM SCRATCH.

- I am now safe to tag again in salt_burn_porn!

- I signed up for spn_j2_xmas because YAY CHRISTMAS AND STUFF.


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Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta


- And while I'm on the topic of the greatest challenges of the year, WERE YOU AWARE that polybigbang drafts are due on my birthday??? Probably means everyone and their mother should sign up to write them. (And, more important than my impending birthday, HOW SOON IS WINCON?!??!!?!? AHHHH, my Winprom costume is not done yet /o\ *runs into things*)

- genderswapbb IS NOW A THING. If everyone and their mother could sign up and write or draw girl!Sam things, I think it would be a much happier fandom, I'm just sayin'.

- ER, AND IF ANYONE IS STILL QUESTIONING IF I AM A CRAZY...I have this kidfic ordinaryink and I started working on a few years ago for rpf_big_bang, but we never got to finish it. Then I found out that kidficstory is happening, and I decided that is just the push I need to finally get it done. Thing is, we're allowed to arrange author/artist match-ups before claims (which are not until January, so this is not an immediate thing). Anyone into kidfic and maybe think they might want to work with me on something like this? It's a J2 AU, and I can give more details if there's any interest at all.

- It is my week to rec things at spn_themes, and I hear a rumor that this Friday is some kind of incestaversary for our little show, so I've got Wincest plans up my sleeve. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this--I love reccing regularly, but if the rest of my semester continues the way it has so far, I may not be able to read fic regularly enough to rec (lol, because I am hardly reading the dictionary prefaces I am assigned in time -____-). BUT. FOR THE TIME BEING, I AM SO EXCITED TO GET ALL UP IN THE SAM/DEAN GRILL THIS WEEK.

- Last but decidedly not least, the wonderfully talented mustnttelllies recently posted this podfic of my SDMB from last year for the podficbigbang. I just finally got a chance to listen to it (incest porn--that's one way to test out the new speakers...) and it is SPECTACULAR. Seriously, this is a story I am actually pretty proud of, but this reading makes it sound so much better than it is--there's so much raw emotion. If podfics are a thing you enjoy, I highly recommend you give it a listen and leave some flaily words for mustnttelllies.

I think that is all for now? Here, have a picture of me with my new sword. I make awesome decisions in bike stores renn faires.
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