Bimbo Baggins (cherie_morte) wrote,
Bimbo Baggins


Creation Entertainment is HOLDING A SUPERNATURAL CON IN DC next May.

At first I was like...

Then it clicked and I just...

DC Con, I am

I really want to dance.

But I'm at work. So instead I'm all...

Basically, everyone ever should come to this con.

It is the day after spn_j2_bigbang drafts are due and smack in the middle of finals--so basically the worst possible time of the year. BUT this means I will be spared the money for a flight to Vancon 2014, two nights of hotel $, and the EXCESSIVE WAIT until then. So, I WILL FIGURE IT OUT, FUCK IT.

That is all.
Tags: america: fuck yeah, big bang, fangirling fangirls irl, feeeeeeelliinngggsss, gay savant, jared and jensen are in love, oh fandom, public entry, the internet is eating my life, those brothers have sex
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