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I'm under the gun again. I know I was a 45%er then. I know I was a lot of things.

Heeeeeeeyyyy y'all. How's it going? Has everyone just about learned how to cope with the fact that Jensen literally named his daughter J2? No? Good, me neither.

So, this post is meant to be mainly informative! As in, if you were expecting my spn_j2_bigbang to post on Thursday, this would be me saying, "My bad!" I had to get an extension because, well, I was not where I needed to be after a weekend of cleaning the house out for scabies instead of writing (on the plus side, I am 95% sure I do not have and never did get that fun little infestation?) and then the day of my posting came and Word froze and I thought I lost a lot of work and, even though I didn't, the resulting panic attack led me to accept that there was no way I would have something I'd feel comfortable posting done by the end of the day. And I really don't want a repeat of last year where I ran out of time, posted something I was proud of but which I knew has some issues, and then ended up hating it by the time people were done with it. THAT WAS JUST NO FUN. Anyway, I wrote tentacle fic, so I figure about three people are going to read it total, so since I went the self-indulgent route I better at least be sure I did the best I could with it. XD SO BIGBANG IS STILL IN THE WORKS.

Blah blah! Point is, my big bang will now post on Tuesday, June 11. Not such a horribly long wait! If you're looking for fun stuff to read in the meantime, I did post some crazy shit last week for spn_cinema:

Title: Arm in Arm, We'll Win the Fight
Fandom: Real Person Fic: CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content (including knotting, not a/b/o), some Pokémon violence, smoking, and language
Word Count: 24,011
Summary: Pokémon AU: Like most kids his age, Jared left home at age 18, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, determined to become a Pokémon master. Five years later, the plan has changed a bit—Jared traded in his gym badge collection for a better adventure, a chance to do some good. Now he's what you might call an eco-terrorist; he finds abusive Pokémon masters and, well, persuades them to free their Pokémon. Jared doesn't believe in keeping Pokémon as pets, but he frees a Ninetales from Team Rocket that will not stop following him. In addition to his new, fire-type plus one, Jared keeps bumping into a very forward, very handsome, green-eyed stranger. He doesn't know who Jensen is, why he seems to be everywhere Jared goes, or why his Ninetales takes off every time Jensen is near, but he's very much enjoying trying to figure it out.

Okay, no, I don't know. CHERIE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WE LEAVE YOU ALONE FOR FIVE MINUTES. I guess now is when I confess I have a lot of feelings about Pokemon? HEY SPEAKING OF MY FEELINGS ABOUT POKEMON...THIS HAPPENED TODAY:

Sorry. That is literally like 14 years of my life's frustrated ambition finally realized. FUCK YOU, TRADE-ONLY POKEMON. I CAUGHT THEM ALL. SUCK MY DICK. Just, you know, be aware that you should refer to me as Master Cherie from now on because I am a confirmed motherfucking Pokemon Master who caught them all. FUCKING FINALLY.

*cough* Right. Uh. If you have no idea what Pokemon is and what the above rant refers to, probably do not read the story, but do look at this gorgeous art mashimero swept in at the last moment and did. It's really dreamlike and gorgeous and can be appreciated as a great piece of art without a single shred of context.

Better things to read if you are not so into the idea of 24K of Pokemon fic: I just posted this girlchesters rec list over at spn_themes and there is some incredible shit on that list.

I should probably go to bed now because I have big bang to work on in addition to plans to go to the pool with wutendeskind's little sister that may or may not get rained on (I might welcome another day in to shiny up my fic, frankly). A lot of friends have randomly found themselves in D.C. this summer, which means I will be having a lot of fun social times showing people around the city, but alas, my writing time and anti-social tendencies are also a little bit starting to worry about it. I also have to go in for work way more often than I was expecting over the summer, even though my bosses are rarely around for either job and I leave like three hours early every damn day.

WHATEVER THIS SUMMER WILL BE GREAT if I survive bigbang. I hope any and all Game of Thrones fans enjoy tomorrow's season finale, and may your favorite characters live to see Season 4 if they have not already died horribly. :)))

PS: Unrelated to anything, but I'm still watching The X Files and am absolutely gleeful about how easy it is to trace which Supernatural episodes were inspired by which X Files episode. THE LAST ONE WAS WENDIGO AND THIS ONE IS MONSTER MOVIE. I will never be convinced otherwise.
Tags: a slave to the man, big bang, fanart-monster!cherie strikes again, feeeeeeelliinngggsss, gay savant, here let me write you a novel, i just really like tentacles okay, i ship it!, it feels good to be a lannister, oh fandom, oh-my-livia, once again elisa is the table douchebag, public entry, the internet is eating my life, the truth is incest, those brothers have sex
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