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Spreading love like it was scabies.

On twitter, some broads (deirdre_c and zubeneschamali are my broads ♥) and I were discussing how disappointing the drop off in commenting on fics and other fanworks has been for us. But, you know who we realized could begin the work to fix it? OUR OWN LAZY BUTTS.

THIS IS ME ACKNOWLEDGING I AM PART OF THE PROBLEM AND FLYING OFF INTO THE CLOUDS TO FIX IT. Join me in blatantly stealing this idea right from deirdre_c:

Everyone. Even you. Pick ONE story (or podfic or piece of art) from out of your bookmarks or a recent newsletter or rec list or wherever and read it (or listen or view it, etc etc etc) and THEN LEAVE A COMMENT. Tell the author (or podficcer or artist) something you liked about it, pick out a particular phrase that was well done, a bit of dialog that struck you, how someone was characterized or drawn that seemed unique or interesting or wacky. Anything! Just do it right now!

Then, once you do that, (if you want) you can encourage the commenting streak to spread like wildfire among your own flist.

Help me make today a day of comments overflowing!! It only will work if you all chip in! Let's do this!

ETA: counteragent (also one of my broads :P) just had the greatest idea that I edit this post with the things I read/look at/etc so that it can also function as a kind of reclist. I am actually reading for my next spn_themes reclist, so I feel like it might be a little silly to rec the fics I'm going through now and then again in a week, but here is some art I rec:

Giant Shark vs. Giant Octopus
mashimero posted today for spn_cinema. Not only is it perfect and gorgeously rendered, it is also basically everything I love in one go. YOU MUST SEE IT.

Art for Arm in Arm, We'll Win the Fight
ALSO BY mashimero AND POSTED FOR spn_cinema IS THIS *ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL* ART FOR A LITTLE CRAZY POKEMON FIC I WROTE IN WHICH JENSEN IS A NINETALES. Look at it for it's soothing, dreamlike quality and beautiful proportions, even if you don't know the first thing about what a Pokemon is.

Finding Our Way Home
Another spn_cinema art post, this time by sammycolt24 for the prompt Free Willy, which was a huge part of my childhood, so this gave me ALL THE WARM FEELINGS. I love that it tells a story as well as having great art worked into it. Take a look!

The Perfectly Imperfect Life of Jared Padalecki
Somehow this post turned into a spn_cinema reclist? ANYWAY. I beta'd this lovely story for cacklingmadly yesterday and enjoyed it very much. It shares the whimsical quality with the movie it was inspired by (Amelie) and brings the boys together in a very unconventional way.

Jensen Pride and the Color Guard
dephigravity posted this adorable art set today for j2_crack. It's a CW RPF version of Rainbow Brite. I only know what Rainbow Brite looks like, so there's probably some really great character fusion going on that I don't get, but it is FUCKING ADORABLE nonethelesss. Also, it will probably make your childhood all warm and fuzzy if you were into Rainbow Brite.

Chews Your Racer
Okay, this posted a little before this LEAVE ALL THE COMMENTS thing did, but the art above reminded me of it. It's yet another spn_cinema, this time by transfixeddream and based on Wreck It Ralph. I loved Wreck It Ralph and basked not only in its cleverness but also in its potential for cleverly being worked into fandom AUs. This art set delivers on that (as does this fic written by cleflink a couple of months ago)!

Living Proof
This is a fucking GLORIOUS fic glovered wrote recently for tentaclebigbang. It is Adrianne/Genevieve and needs more love and also more people should read it for their own benefit FOR REAL.

I will add in more links to shiny things if I find some along the way. :D
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