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I'm probably never going to use this...

Today is my LiveJournal's NINTH birthday. Holy shit, y'all. My LJ is almost a decade old. Yes, it was nine years ago today--when LiveJournals were the new ~~cool~~ thing, back in middle school (I think it was 8th grade?) before MySpace or Facebook--that my then-best friend made an account for me despite my distinctly telling her how stupid I thought it was to put your journal on the internet. I mean, like, doesn't that defeat the whole point of having a journal, if people can read it? Very wise, 13-year-old!Cherie, very wise indeed. I posted something along the lines of "LOL, this website is stupid, I probably won't even use this" only in chatspeak, which I can't even (nor do I want to) imagine what looked like any more at this point.

Then I stumbled upon fandom. The rest, as they say, is history.

Happy birthday, my LiveJournal. We've been through some wanky shit, from my utter inability to use grammar for our first three years together to the incomprehensibly abusive crap your site has put its users through lately, but you brought me fandom and in doing so, quite probably introduced me to the love of my life (yeah, fandom/me = OTP, I'm not even gonna pretend). I've made some of my best friends through this LiveJournal--people I never, ever would have even imagined could be real without it. And, yeah, I've met some huge prolapsed assholes, as well, but even that stuff is mostly just fun to look back on and laugh at. Nine years later, literally everyone who peer pressured me into getting on this stupid website has long moved on, and many of the awesome people I met through it, I'm sorry to say, have moved on as well (thanks for hating your customers, LJ!). I may well be the last person on here, but I'm sticking with LJ to the end. Because I love you guys so much it hurts sometimes and thinking about today and about everything I've gotten to experience because of this LJ has gotten me all embarrassingly emotional.

Thanks for being you guys. I hope I still know all of you beautiful things nine years from now, whether we're still on LJ or sitting in each other's living rooms via holograms (what? it could happen).

Tags: age of the geek baby, cherie gets overexcited about holidays, fangirling fangirls irl, feeeeeeelliinngggsss, i ship it!, my hair is my only friend, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, public entry, traaaaaditions
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