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Things to Write in 2013: Or, Why Cherie is Forever Alone

Alright, here goes my yearly 'to write' list. It's served me well past years, so I'm bringing it back again, because I love to see just how much sex I won't be having in the year before me all laid out on Day Two.

Also, I am so butthurt about how ugly this list is going to look now that blockquotes have been made grey and italicized for NO FUCKING REASON. LJ staff have told me they're working on fixing this two separate times now, but of course that was months ago. No, no. Let's focus our attention on breaking the perfectly good friendslist and profile layouts and having technical difficulties instead. -____-


+ j2_everafter: The Secret World of Arrietty [Jared/Jensen; with ordinaryink] - February 19

+ apocalypsebang: Carve Our Names in Hearts Into the Warhead [Jared/Jensen; with ordinaryink] - March 13

+ tentaclebigbang: Trials of Sam!fic [Sam/Dean] - May 5

+ spn_cinema: Arm in Arm, We'll Win the Fight [Jared/Jensen] - May 29

+ spn_j2_bigbang: As Boundless As the Sea [Jared/Jensen] - June 11

+ sncross_bigbang: Walk in Shadow, Move in Silence [Men in Black/Supernatural crossover; Sam/Dean] - June 27

+ robotbigbang: Do Androids Dream? [Sam/Dean; unavoidedcrisis's fault] - August 10

+ salt_burn_porn

+ samdean_otp minibang: September 3

+ spn_reversebang 1 - December 8

+ spn_reversebang 2 - December 8

+ spn_j2_xmas - December 25

+ genderswapbb: A Girl in the War [girl!Sam/Dean/Jess] - December 28

+ kidficstory: A Doll's House [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault] - January 2


+ Rom Com Marriage Reversal [Jared/Jensen] for nightrider101 for help_japan

+ Something with knotting [Jared/Jensen] for wendy for fandomaid

+ Fic for tebtosca for my AIDS Walk drive


+ Drag Queen!Jared 'Verse
- Phone sex kink [Jay/Jensen]
- Rimming kink [Jay/Jensen] - February 24
- Impreg kink with surprise feels [Jay/Jensen]
- Proposal fic [Jared/Jensen]
- angsty break up yay [Jared/Jensen]
- Jensen in drag lesbians [Jay/Jensen]
- Angsty replacement sex [Jared/Gen, Jared/OMC, unrequited Jared/Jensen]
- Jensen brings Tommy to see Anita perform [Jensen/Anita+Jared+Jay]
+ Knotting Slave!Jared 'Verse
- for wendy [Jared/Jensen]
- for lyryk [Jared/Jensen]
- for sylvaniae [Jared/Jensen; Misha/Genevieve]
+ Cradlesong 'Verse
- This is The End [Sam/Dean/Jess; Jess in The End verse; for clex_monkie89]
- Soul Can Take Three Stowaways [Sam/Dean/Jess; season 6 & 7 & 8 (&9?); will be polybigbang after Show finishes]
+ Hydra 'Verse
- Tentacle!Sam can make Dean SEE THINGS [Sam/Dean]
+ Old!J2 'Verse
- The Tramps [Jared/Jensen; for ordinaryink]
- And another for unavoidedcrisis
+ Ginger 'Verse
- We're Back: A Dinosaur Story [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault]
+ Circus 'Verse
- Baby, I'm a Put-On-a-Show Kind of Girl [Adrianne/Genevieve; for secretlytodream]
- Some porn for deirdre_c [Jared/Jensen]
+ Werewolf!Dief 'Verse (er, which doesn't actually exist yet...)
- Fraser/Dief/RayK Threesome of Glory [Fraser/Dief/RayK]
+ Wild West Lesbians 'Verse
- for bertee [Genevieve/Danneel]


+ Season 8 Wincest [Sam/Dean]

+ Batcave Harry Potter fusion thingy [Sam/Dean]

+ The Man Behind the Curtain [gen or Sam/Dean; morganoconner's fault]

+ J2 sheet fic with glovered [Jared/Jensen]

+ Outtakes [Jared/Jensen]

+ (Love is) a Violent Spiral [Jared/Genevieve]

+ Draw Three Figures on Your Heart [Sam 'n' Dean Gen]

+ What's in a Name? [Sam/Dean; balefully's fault at wincon 2011]

+ Moonlighting Sonata [Fraser/Dief]

+ Genevieve/Sandy/Adrianne incesty fic of doom

+ SPNXDue South [Dean/Sam-ish, Dean/Fraser-ish]

+ X Files Wincest

+ The Doctor!Jared [Jared/Jensen]

+ Selkie!Jared harassing Jensen [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault]

+ Jeeves & Wooster Mishalecki [Jared/Misha]

+ Prison J2

+ Hookers J2

+ Pacific Rim!Wincest

+ Previous Condition [Jared/Jensen]

+ Batcave ghost cat ficlet [Sam/Dean]

+ Bible ficlet [Jesus/Judas]


+ Of Sir Padahad and the Grail for ordinaryink's birthday - February 11

+ Tuck Everlasting!J2 [Jared/Jensen]

+ Tiny!Jared Timestamp 1

+ Tiny!Jared Timestamp 2

+ Assassin!Jared 'Verse Jared/Jensen/Genevieve Timestamp

+ The Doctor!Jared [Jared/Jensen] Timestamp

+ I'm going to write Sassy! [Sam/Castiel]

Aim for the stars, land in the clouds? :D?
Tags: big bang, gay savant, genevieve is my wife jared is confused, i ship it!, i watch dr who now dr who is cool, jared and jensen are in love, my hair is my only friend, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, pretty pretty princess, public entry, the angel of the holy grail, the internet is eating my life, those brothers have sex, threesomes are important, tracey makes me do weird things
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