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Reminder that...

There are only a couple of days (until Thursday evening American time) left to bid on all the amazingballs things over at fandomaid!

My thread for fic is over here, though I am already well past what I ever thought anyone would bid on me. I am also still taking beta jobs! The beta jobs are doing really well! I'm surprised--I almost didn't offer because I thought no one would buy, but it looks like I'm going to make more from betaing that writing. :D ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE, HOWEVER. The beta offer is unlimited!

ALSO go peruse around for things people more talented than myself are offering! There's a ton of great stuff! Don't bid on the crochet doll, though, I can't afford to go any higher.

That is all I have to say about fandomaid for now. If you are/have been waiting on me for anything, my semester is hitting crazy time this week (lol, I spent thanksgiving break stressing about homework, FML) so don't expect it immediately. :D But I will be posting my spn_reversebang on Friday with ordinaryink! LOL, so I should probs finish writing it, yeah? Yeah.
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