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Found a lot of trouble out on Avenue B but I tried to keep the overhead low.

Hello, flist! First of all, on the Sandy front: I'm alive! \o/ We made it out mostly okay here, the heartbreaking death of some big trees I grew up loving notwithstanding. DC on the whole didn't get it nearly as bad as I was expecting, which is good, but NJ and NY got it so much worse than I thought they would. :(

Which brings me to the real point of this entry. I am offering myself for fic here at the fandomaid auction.

This is a terrible idea considering I still owe help_japan fic from a year and a half ago, but I decided to use it as a little kick to get my focus back on charity projects, so I'll finish that up finally and stop feeling guilty all the time. I also just kind of couldn't bear not to offer anything, because I can't really afford to throw much money at other auctions, and I love NYC a truly stupid amount--it's like the fantasyland I escape to when life is rough, and seeing it get hurt has always somehow bothered me more than seeing my actual homes get hurt.

Anyway, go shop around! There's a ton of super talented people offering all kinds of services--fic, art, little sewing projects, podfic, you name it!

ETA: If you or anyone you know is in Doctor Who fandom and wants to make me RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY whilst also getting money to a good cause, I would pretty much die to see this written/drawn.

ETA 2: I'm now also offering buy it now beta services in case anyone is interested here!
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