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Or, well, not me. Unless you want to see it as a birthday gift. In which case HERE IS WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

NOW I GUILT YOU: Millions of people in D.C. (1/20 adults, I wish I was making that number up) are still dying and suffering from AIDS every day. 2/3 of those people belong to the African American community. This is something that I feel really passionately about--the D.C. epidemic has personally affected me and my family in some pretty major ways, and, aside from that, this is my home, and it's not right that people think the AIDS problem has gone away just because it's not visible in affluent or middle class communities any more. This is still a death sentence to people who can't afford to get treatment--Whitman Walker caters to exactly those people.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you have a few dollars lying around that you're not sure what to do with (LOL, which no one does in this economy, but whatever), sponsor me in this year's walk! It's a really great cause and I promise to love you more for it. The walk is on October 27, so that is the last date to sponsor me for this event, however, if you're strapped for cash until after then, I'm sure the clinic will still be happy to take your money at any time. :P

Here's the link to my page:


You probably haven't heard the last of this from me. I am gearing up to be pretty annoying about soliciting donations over the next month both here on LJ and on Twitter. SORRY IN ADVANCE, BUT NOT REALLY. :D

ETA: Oh, just a quick warning--your name WILL appear on the website donation scroller as you enter it, so if you donate, make sure to enter your LJ/twitter handle or only a first name if you aren't comfortable with your full name displaying on the page.
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