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Hey guys! So, it's my birthday, I guess! WOO! I'm actually not that excited about it because I have a lot of shit to do and am stressed, but whatever! I'm 22! I haven't watched the Supernatural episode yet, but it can basically only be a pleasant surprise, so I'm waiting for the download with much excitement. I watched the debates instead, which was frustrating but also fun because I went over to a friend's place and hung out (rather irresponsibly as I have neither done the reading nor the paper writing I should have).

Even though my birthday has only just started, I already have people to thank! First of all, lavishsqualor, who not only bought me a profile gift but also sent me the LOVELIEST package with chocolate and a sweet card and a notebook that is both adorable and was SUPER needed. THANKS ALISSA. Secondly to all the other lovely people--ordinaryink, wendy, tebtosca, __tiana__, and ash48--who also sent me delicious, delectable, tantacular gifts! They made me smile right on the stroke of midnight as they poured in, which is pretty impressive considering I was riding the last bus of the night home and surrounded by crazy people. Also, thank you to an anonymoose who has denied me the pleasure of loving on them ( :( ) but who bought me two months of paid time (:D)! Best friends on the planet, all of you. ♥

If anyone else had any intention of buying things, especially things from LiveJournal, as a gift for me, I hope I can convince you (and I bring this up not because I expect anything but just in case) to hold off and put any money you might have been planning to spend on my birthday toward sponsoring me in this year's Whitman Walker AIDS Walk. I try to solicit donations for this worthy cause every year (it is usually on my birthday weekend but has been pushed back this year, I don't know why), but this year I can't afford to register until after I get my post-Wincon check. I know that's almost a month after my birthday, but it would do a lot more good for D.C. families (like mine) who were or are affected by the AIDS epidemic than sending money to a website that has only pissed off its paying users recently (which is not to say I don't appreciate the LJ gifts--god knows I am attached to this website and all its imperfections). Literally every dollar can help, so don't feel like you have to give more than you would for a profile gift! Because it is kind of annoying that I can't say "Hey, just send the money here" since I don't have a link for the AIDS walk yet, if you're really itching to get me a token of affection for my birthday today, I will point out that LJ offers 2 different AIDS-related profile gifts. I realize they're a little more expensive, but I'll just throw it out there, haha.

AND IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ME HAPPY WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME, there are other alternatives! You could kidnap Genevieve Padalecki for me (may include travel expenses), permanently dispose of Mitt Romney's existence (may include jail time), or read this Sam/Dean purgatory fic I posted yesterday (will include bad writing and incest):

Title: Minotaurs Inside a Maze
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: R for sexual content, character death (temporary), character death (bad guy), off-screen character death (Castiel), memory loss (kind of), suicide (kind of), substance abuse (demon blood), violence, morally ambiguous boys, language, and an ending that I think is really happy which might piss people off because somehow my endings always do that.
Word Count: 9,763
Author’s Note: NO SPOILERS for tonight's episode in this fic.
Summary: Sam goes into Purgatory, determined to bring his brother back no matter what the cost, but Dean isn't the same when Sam finds him, and he doesn't want to be saved.

I think that is all I have to say on the matter of my birthday. I would like for you to finish downloading now, episode.
Tags: america: fuck yeah, cherie gets overexcited about holidays, fangirling fangirls irl, gay savant, here let me write you a novel, i ship it!, juan goes to college, my hair is my only friend, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, public entry, so very poor, the internet is eating my life, those brothers have sex, traaaaaditions
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