Bimbo Baggins (cherie_morte) wrote,
Bimbo Baggins

Friends Cut

Hey guys,

I don't usually do posts like this, but since I just cut something crazy like 41 people, I thought I should let you all know. I just did some housecleaning. I defriended journals that never update anymore, people who I have not had much (or any) interaction with since adding, or who I feel I have drifted from (maybe because we've moved on from the fandom we met in or we just don't talk anymore). None of these cuts were personal/because I am mad at anyone, I'm just trying to keep my flist as manageable as possible. I STILL LOVE EVERYONE.

I don't *think* I cut anyone I didn't mean to, but I was doing a whole lot of button pressing and unchecking, so it's always possible. If you think I cut you in error, please PM me!

And maybe one day I'll write up the post I've been meaning to do for weeks now before you all start defriending me for being MIA. /o\
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