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I found it hard; it's hard to find--well, yeah, whatever, never mind.

Hello, lovelies! I have so much going on right now, I cannot even tell you. But the much overdo entry will have to wait, because I still have 2 days of thesising before I finish this semester (oh my god and all of undergrad :DDDD). I will say that life is going better than it is supposed to, making me all kinds of suspicious but also happy, and most of the problems I was angsting about last time you heard from me are solved and looking like there's a good chance they will be solved soon (ie: I will not be an unemployed hobo going to grad school with no way to pay for it).

What I am here to say today is the same thing everyone else on your flist is saying: here is my bigbang and now feel free to judge me for it. :D

Rattling Your Locks

Born into slavery, Jared has been trained and used as a pleasure slave ever since he was a teenager. Rare and coveted because of his Alpha status, Jared has always sold to the richest and often cruelest of masters.

His new master, the young but ruthless CEO of TradeMark Entertainment, Jensen Ackles, seems no different. At least, not until Jared stops to wonder what a consummate Alpha male like Ackles would want with another Alpha as his pleasure slave.

Things only get more confusing when Jared arrives at his new master's home and finds that there are no other slaves. He soon learns that Ackles freed all of his father's slaves when he inherited them and has been a vocal supporter and patron of anti-slavery groups since. Jared doesn't know how to reconcile this knowledge with his master's outward coldness, but the more he learns about Ackles, the less he seems to fit into the assumptions that Jared has made about him.

Yup! I am writing knotting slave fic. I don't even know why that seemed like a good idea. \o/ The unfortunate soul who has claimed my mess of a story is flitter_and_fly, who I have already exchanged some lovely conversations with. IT IS REALLY THIS TIME OF THE YEAR, OMG. So excited.

Now you all tell me what you wrote!

Unrelated to bigbang but very related to me writing things and wanting attention: I posted my super_disney fic last night! I haven't posted fic in MONTHS so it felt really good. :D

Title: Here's Looking at You
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Content (deflowering of virgins abounds!), Underage (Sam is 16, Dean is 31, also implied that they were together when Sam was 16 and Dean was 21), Suicidal Thoughts and Intentions, Alcohol Use, and Language
Word Count: 8,880
Summary: AU after 5x22: Sam's last request before he jumped into the Pit was for Dean to keep living without him. Dean finds his promise impossible to keep, but just before he can call it quits, he gets a visit from a 16-year-old Sam, who is understandably curious as to what circumstances have led to his brother being alone and as miserable as he clearly is. Together they try to understand why Sam is there and how to send him back to his own time, but they discover a little more than that along that way.

So go read it and love me, if that's your thing. ;)
Tags: big bang, gay savant, here let me write you a novel, i'm a scholar i enjoy scholarly pursuits, jared and jensen are in love, juan goes to college, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, pretty pretty princess, public entry, so very poor, the angel of the holy grail, the internet is eating my life, those brothers have sex
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