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Mind the grasshopper! A grasshopper not only turns: it hops! It hops! And it hops jolly high!

So today was basically the biggest fucking disaster of life. I am supposed to be on the bus to Gainesville, Fl. right now to spend spring break with wutendeskind. But buying my tickets told me the Greyhound was at Union Station, and when I checked last night to be sure it wasn't just across the street or something, the website was useless. So I figured it must literally be at the station, right? I get there with plenty of time only to wander around the station unable to find Greyhound. I asked for help and found out--no, Greyhound is not in the station or even just outside. It is four long city blocks away, which doesn't sound like much but I'd already spent a ton of time wandering around the station and I had to move slow with my asshuge luggage, so basically I found Greyhound just in time to watch my bus pull away.

So I spend the next 30 minutes crying and waiting in line for someone to help me, and they tell me I can take a bus in a few hours that would go North and then South and have me on the bus from then until Wednesday. I managed to figure out that I could just take the bus tomorrow that I was supposed to take today, arrive in Fl. at the same time I would on the North-then-South bus only I got to come home tonight instead of being on the bus for three days. So now my trip is cut even shorter by a day and I am spending as much time on the bus as I am in Gainesville. AND THEN. He tells me it's $15 to exchange tickets which--sure. I get it. That's less than I expected. But they only take cash. They have an ATM, but it hardly ever works. It didn't work for me. So I have to head out trying to find an ATM and of course they are ALL CLOSED so I end up going all the way back to Union Station--uphill with my heavy luggage--just to go back to the station, exchange tickets, and make the trip uphill again to go back to Metro. All of this while crying and getting weird looks because I am openly sobbing up and down the streets of DC (my favorite? some guy sees me sobbing so he starts...hitting on me?!--even though I'm clearly trying to get somewhere, he kept asking questions, and finally he was just like, "OH MAN, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?" I WAS LIKE, "FUCKING DEAL WITH IT IF YOU WILL LET ME WALK, GODDAMN.").

So I finally get all that straightened out and decide to eat at McDonald's, even though that's totally ill-advised, because DAMMIT, I WAS MISERABLE AND I WANTED TO. Annnddd I get there and they tell me they don't have Sweet 'n' Sour sauce, which is pretty much the whole point of McDonald's. Which was a minor thing compared to all the rest of it, but it was just enough of an annoyance after everything else where I was just ready to beat my head on the table.

This was not the day I was looking for. I AM STILL SORE FROM DRAGGING THAT LUGGAGE EVERYWHERE. AND I STILL HAVE 2 DAYS OF GROSS BUS AHEAD OF ME AND THEN THE RETURN TRIP. My point is a warning to all future travelers, but especially future!Me. If you are going on a long trip (I mean overnight, not like 6-8 hours, which is lovely on a bus) for pleasure and you cannot afford to go on anything other than a bus? Skip the trip. Do anything, anything, anything you can to not take the fucking bus.

The point of all this whining, aside from to vent, was to let y'all know that I will be AWOL for the next two days and probably most of the next week. If I fail to comment on something or something, it is not because I do not love you. I guess leave me a comment here if you see or do something you really think I will have interest in?

I am going to go cry myself to sleep now and hope to God tomorrow is less of a failparade. Love you guys so much. ♥
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