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Icons--pls to feed me?

So, I'm on an icon kick right now and am sadly having a really hard time finding Season 7 icons. WHAT GIVES, FANDOM? For example, Dean got naked and I have only found one icon post. Sam got covered in glitter. THEY LAUGHED AT EACH OTHER AND LOOKED GENUINELY HAPPY. I need all of these things and cannot find any of them. I KNOW YOU WILL NOT LET ME DOWN, RIGHT? RIGHT?

Aside from the above, I could also go for Hallucifer/Sam icons from the most recent episode or just Lucifer's Forked Tongue of Infinite Smut. And I didn't like Time After Time all that much, but if anyone knows of an animated icon (or un-animated, I guess) of them both lying in the same spot 800 years apart because they are gay and in love, I could go for that, too.

REC THINGS AT ME, PLEASE. *cutest puppy eyes ever*

(Also I promise to update on my life and be a decent friend again someday. Possibly after I graduate and get my life back. In a year and 3 months. ;_____;)
Tags: fanart-monster!cherie strikes again, gay savant, i ship it!, i'm a scholar i enjoy scholarly pursuits, juan goes to college, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, public entry, the internet is eating my life, those brothers have sex
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