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In which Cherie has no shame and is trying to bribe you.

HELLO HELLO FLIST. Those of you who don't follow me on Twitter probably don't know that my sister's awesome band Satori Trova is currently in the running for Deli Magazine's Best of DC/Baltimore Emerging Artists 2011 Poll. Right now, they're in second place--pretty fucking impressive considering they're up against some much older, better established bands. This has already gotten them a lot of great press, but winning could REALLY put them on the map.

Obviously I want them to win. A lot.

Problem is, they're just under 100 votes behind 1st place (seems like a huge difference, but 3rd place is over 200 votes behind them). THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. And, well, if everyone on my flist voted, they would be waaaay ahead! I know realistically that everyone will not vote, but if as many of you guys as possible could just take a second to vote, it really might make the crucial difference. It only takes a second--you don't need an account, you don't need to be in D.C., you don't need to listen to the music (obviously you're welcome to, but you needn't worry about it!).

If EVERYONE seeing this post could PLEASE just go HERE and vote for SATORI TROVA, I would be forever in you guys' debt.

I am seriously not above bribing you guys! I have a lull in my writing schedule next month after I finish my polybigbang and j2_everafter in the next few days (lol, and I better because the Poly Bang posts on Tuesday), so I will be able to swing something, I think.

Poll #1814981 Satori Trova Whoring

Did you vote for Satori Trova?

About to!

Why did you vote for Sat Tro?

Because I love you, Cherie, from the bottom of my heart.
I would like to be bribed.
I will vote for them if you tell me how I will be bribed and satisfy me.
I am not voting, just doing this poll because polls are fun.
Because someone in your family needs to be a success, and it's clearly not gonna be you.

If we win and I bribe you guys, how would you like your bribes to come?

Comment fic meme
Timestamp fic to existing stories of mine meme
I'll let you pick my big bang and certain details about it (which means another poll \o/)
I will rec you guys anything you ask me to rec!
Other (please give me your ideas in comments)

And finally...ticky!

Ticky ticky ticky
Tick tick tick
I only did this poll for the tick
Why do people always feel obligated to put ticky questions?

AGAIN. The link is here: and the band is SATORI TROVA. Voting ends on January 31!!!!

Also, feel free to pimp this link out to friends/family/your mailman and/or vote from all kinds of different locations (I've voted from home, work, and my phone! :D).

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