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Things to Write in 2012: A Work in Progress/Study in Cherie's Masochism

Hello, everyone! Last year in around March I experimented with making a to-do list on LJ to keep track of my awful ideas and stop killing 800 pages in my writing journal every time something changed. It went WAY better than expected, so I'm bring it back in 2012!


+ insmallpackages: Magical Realism [Jared/Jensen] - January 6*FAE/FAIRIES

+ polybigbang: Always the Groomsman, Never the Groom [Jared/Jensen/Genevieve] - January 31*STUDENTS

+ j2_everafter: Rub Me the Right Way [Jared/Jensen] - February 21*ALT. FANDOM: THEATRE

+ loveyoulikesin: Living on Floodtides [Sam/Dean; ordinaryink's fault]

+ super_disney: Here's Looking at You [Sam/Dean] - May 9

+ sncross_bigbang: Formed of Dust [His Dark Materials/Supernatural Fusion; Sam/Dean; coyotesuspect's fault] - June 15*ALT. FANDOM: BOOK

+ spn_cinema: Now Sleeps the Swan [girl!Sam/Dean; ordinaryink's fault] - May 30*ROYALTY/NOBILITY

+ spn_j2_bigbang: Rattling Your Locks [Jared/Jensen] - June 29*DYSTOPIA

+ salt_burn_porn (OOPS)

+ samdean_otp minibang: Kicks Like a Sleep Twitch [Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/dream!Sam] - October 15 (also for sparklybee for help_haiti if she ever remembers we're playing fictictactoe)

+ rpf_big_bang: Oh, My Queen! [Jared/Jensen] - September 3

+ kamikazeremix - September 30

+ polybigbang: A Girl in the War [girl!Sam/Dean/Jess] - October 10 (also for scorpiod1 for thepurpledove)*COMBAT

+ spn_reversebang: Magical Pet Shop AU with ordinaryink [Jared/Jensen] - October 28 (DRAFT DUE)

+ wincestielbang: The Crumbling Difference (Between Wrong and Right) [Sam/Dean/Castiel; morganoconner's fault] - November 1*POST-APOCALYPTIC

+ spn_j2_xmas


+ Rom Com Marriage Reversal [Jared/Jensen] for nightrider101 for help_japan*PHOTOGRAPHERS


+ Cradlesong 'Verse
- This is The End [Sam/Dean/Jess; Jess in The End verse]*ZOMBIES
- Soul Can Take Three Stowaways [Sam/Dean/Jess; season 6 & 7 & 8 (&9?); will be polybigbang after Show finishes]

+ Old!J2 'Verse
- The Tramps [Jared/Jensen; old!J2's young love]*EXPLORERS

+ Ginger 'Verse
- We're Back: A Dinosaur Story [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault]

+ Circus 'Verse
- Baby, I'm a Put-On-a-Show Kind of Girl [Adrianne/Genevieve]*APPRENTICESHIP

+ Werewolf!Dief 'Verse (er, which doesn't actually exist yet...)
- Fraser/Dief/RayK Threesome of Glory [Fraser/Dief/RayK]

+ Under the Sea 'Verse
- Just Keep Swimming [Jared/Jensen]*OCEANOGRAPHERS


+ Outtakes [Jared/Jensen]

+ Genevieve/Sandy/Adrianne incesty fic of doom

+ Of Sir Padahad and the Grail [definitely ordinaryink's fault]*WILDCARD

+ Assassin!Jared [Jared/Genevieve]

+ Purgatory!Boys [Sam/Dean]

+ Walk in Shadow, Move in Silence [Sam/Dean]*ADVENTURERS

+ The Doctor!Jared [Jared/Jensen]

+ I'm going to write Sassy! [Sam/Castiel]

+ Do Androids Dream? [Sam/Dean; unavoidedcrisis's fault]

+ Jensen Tentackles [Jared/Jensen]*ALIENS

+ Arm in Arm, We'll Win the Fight [Jared/Jensen]*ALT. FANDOM: ANIME

+ Carve Our Names in Hearts Into the Warhead [Jared/Jensen; based on Josh Ritter's The Temptation of Adam; will be apocabigbang if it ever runs again; ordinaryink's fault]*WAR

+ A Doll's House [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault]*KIDS

+ Previous Condition [Jared/Jensen]

+ What's in a Name? [Sam/Dean; balefully's fault at wincon]

+ Moonlighting Sonata [Fraser/Dief]

+ SPNXDue South [Dean/Sam-ish, Dean/Fraser-ish]*IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION

+ Draw Three Figures on Your Heart [Sam 'n' Dean Gen]

+ Selkie!Jared harassing Jensen [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault]*SELKIE

+ Bible ficlet*FANDOM


+ Podfic of obstinatrix's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [Jared/Jensen]*"THE LONG WEEKEND"

+ Greek Mythology fic & art recs (10 min.) [multi-fandom/pairing]*ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS

+ Assassins fanmix (10 songs min.) [Jared/Genevieve]*ASSASSINS


+ j2_everafter: The Secret World of Arrietty [Jared/Jensen; with ordinaryink] - January 10
+ gabriel_bigbang 2013: Off to See the Wizard [Sam/Dean; morganoconner's fault] - February 28

* = I plan to use it for an au_bingo prompt, prompt beside the asterisk.

LOL. Good luck with that, crazy.
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