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I'm like the ringleader--I call the shots.

HEY GUYS, REMEMBER ME? No? You don't? Can't say I blame you. I know I've been the WORST LJ FRIEND IN HISTORY for the last few months--I've really been struggling with my semester. I've started working on my thesis (Lord of the Rings/fantasy literature related--YAY NERDS) and I'm taking my first grad class. Add to that work and the 8 million fic deadlines I've been trying to stay on top of, I just never have the energy to update LJ. There will come a day when I will fill you in about ALL THE THINGS in my life (or, you know, highlights). But it is not this day. This day we fic!

Yeah, sorry. Lord of the Rings nerdery--it is my life recently. I can't make it go away. BUT MY POINT IS, 'HI, I WROTE THIS GIANT FIC FOR spn_reversebang AND IT WAS REALLY HARD AND IF YOU LOVE ME YOU SHOULD READ IT." Unless you don't want to, which is perfectly understandable. :P

Title: Vesti la Giubba
Fandom: Real Person Fiction: CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Content and Language
Word Count: 26,747
Summary: Tartarus is not the first circus Jensen's worked, but it's certainly the creepiest. After months without work, Jensen's not really in the place to be picky, so he takes the contortionist job he's offered and rolls with it. The people aren't bad at least, and the ringleader, Jared, is as hot as he is mysterious. Jensen won't complain about a job that feeds him and gets him laid regularly, and it's not like curses are real, anyway.

If you don't have time or desire for a toofuckinglong story about Contortionist!Jensen and Jared, the Saddest Gay MagicianTM, you must at least look at the art! SERIOUSLY. secretlytodream is a goddess and if anything in this fic doesn't suck, it was almost definitely her idea.

LOL, I have to finish writing my kink_bigbang tonight. FML.

Tags: a slave to the man, big bang, fanart-monster!cherie strikes again, gay savant, here let me write you a novel, i ship it!, i'm a scholar i enjoy scholarly pursuits, jared and jensen are in love, juan goes to college, lord of the rings, oh fandom, once again elisa is the table douchebag, public entry, the internet is eating my life
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