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Hello, flist! I confess, this is not the RL post I keep promising. This is a post to help my buddy lightthesparks.

lightthesparks runs a Sam/Dean centric challenge (or, um, let's call it a bribe factory) called loveyoulikesin. The basic premise of it is that she likes to read Sam/Dean fics and thus offers x number of spots over the year for authors who write Sam/Dean longfic (10K or more) and makes a set of art for them once the story is completed. It's excellent because some authors (not myself, of course, I'm not *nearly* so transparent) are shameless hussies for art and will do anything for it (ok, second thought, that does kinda sound like me). Thus, it produces moar Sam/Dean fic and art and, let's be honest, isn't that what we're all here for? Yes, yes it is.

This year, she is hoping to have a little variety with the art. She does manips, but she would really love to offer traditional artist for the next round, as well. She contacted me to help her find someone because apparently I collect artists like Winchesters collect emotional problems. SO. If you are an artist and you like drawing Wincest and you think this is maybe something you would enjoy, PM lightthesparks for more information about number of spots offered, timelines, etc!

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