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And I recall his yellow cat!

FLIST. I feel like such a douche even posting about this, because I haven't made a real post in 800 years (life has finally settled down, though, so in the next few days, I will stop being the worst LJ friend ever, promise), buuuuuttt...I posted my big bang today! And, uh, you guys should read it :D! Because you love me?

Title: A List of Typos Made by God
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Content, Off-screen Underage (Sam is 18 throughout, but there are several mentions of a relationship that started when he was 15), Excessive Angst, and Language
Word Count: 44,443
Summary: The summer before Sam leaves for Stanford, Dean begins to forget his relationship with Sam. Every morning he remembers less, and Sam is just waiting for the day Dean forgets him completely.

And go look at the art and be jealous. ;)
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