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My writing list is gigantic. This thing could sink the Titanic.

I am supposed to be editing an essay for my creative writing class. Trouble is, I just can not force myself to focus on it. So I am going to take a page out of ordinaryink's book and make a list of all the things I plan to write this year, particularly this summer, to be more organized because a) it means I stop having to waste notebook pages, b) it's easier to keep track of, and most importantly, c) it's not school work.


+ spn_cinema: By the Lion [Jared/Jensen, Genevieve/Danneel] - May 10

+ spn_j2_bigbang: A List of Typos Made by God [Sam/Dean] - June 8

+ spn_summergen: Rocks Fall (Everyone Dies) [Sam 'n' Dean Gen] - July 1

+ rs_games: Written in the Stars [Remus/Sirius] - September 23

+ samdean_otp minibang - Consider the Hairpin Turn [Sam/Dean] - September 29

+ oxoniensis Fandom Free for All: Meg!Sam/Dean dubcon for lavishsqualor - November 18

+ spn_reversebang: Vesti la Giubba [Jared/Jensen] - November 30

+ kink_bigbang: Sparks are Whirling Faster - December 12

+ polybigbang: Always the Groomsman, Never the Groom - January 8

+ 50states_spn: Here Be Dragons [Sam/Dean] - December 1

+ spn_j2_xmas: Mind's Eye [Sam/Dean] - December 8


+ Houses Out of Cardboard Boxes [Sam/Dean; boys raise baby!Castiel] - morganoconner

+ The Man of Law [Sam/Dean] - clex_monkie89 for thepurpledove


+ Cradlesong 'Verse
- This is The End [Sam/Dean/Jess; Jess in The End verse] - November 21

+ Clusterfuck 'Verse
- Anatomy of a Clusterfuck [Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen; for morganoconner's birthday (June 2)]

+ Slow Show 'Verse
- Swallowing Punch [Jared/Jensen]


+ Only a Full House Gonna Make a Home [Sam/Dean/Lisa]

+ Please Leave Your Taste on My Tongue for feathertofly's birthday [girl!Sam/Dean] - June 26

+ Sam Winchester the Big Red Dog for obstinatrix's birthday [Sam 'n' Dean Gen] - July 13

+ Girl gang bang for salt_burn_porn

+ Take Me For Everything (Free Hugs!Jared; ordinaryink is to blame) [Jared/Jensen]

+ (Every Heart is a Package) Tangled Up in Knots Someone Else Tied [Jess/Lisa]


+ spnslashbigbang: The Crumbling Difference (Between Wrong and Right) [Sam/Dean/Castiel] - January 3

+ j2_everafter 2012 - January 10

+ gabriel_bigbang: Off to See the Wizard [Sam/Dean] - January 31

+ apocabigbang with ordinaryink: Carve Our Names in Hearts Into the Warhead [Jared/Jensen; based on Josh Ritter's The Temptation of Adam]

+ Formed of Dust [His Dark Materials/Supernatural Fusion; Sam/Dean; sncross_bigbang]

+ Cradlesong 'Verse
- Soul Can Take Three Stowaways [Sam/Dean/Jess; season 6 & 7 (& 8?); will be polybigbang 2012]

+ Old!J2 'Verse
- The Tramps [Jared/Jensen; old!J2's young love]

+ Ginger 'Verse
- We're Back: A Dinosaur Story [Jared/Jensen; ordinaryink's fault]

+ A Doll's House [Jared/Jensen] (ordinaryink is to blame)

+ Draw Three Figures on Your Heart [Sam 'n' Dean Gen]

+ spn_j2_bigbang: Previous Condition [Jared/Jensen] - May 1

+ A Girl in the War [girl!Sam/Dean/Jess] - scorpiod1 for thepurpledove

+ Rom Com Marriage Reversal [Jared/Jensen] for nightrider101 for help_japan

+ Kicks Like a Sleep Twitch [Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/dream!Sam] - sparklybee for help_haiti if she ever remembers we're playing fictictactoe (also for loveyoulikesin)

+ Non-AU Drag queen!Jared fic [Jared/Jensen]

+ Sam/Dean names-only!fic

+ Moonlighting Sonata [Fraser/Dief]

+ Fraser/Ray/Dief Timestamp

+ Due South/SPN Crossover [Dean/Fraserish, Sam/Deanish]

+ Baby, I'm a Put-On-a-Show Kind of Girl [Adrianne/Genevieve timestamp to my Circus Verse]

+ hc_bigbang: Living on Floodtides [Sam/Dean] - March 11

+ Some kind of knotting J2 slavefic, idek yet

+ The Holiday!J2

+ Swan Princess!Wincest

That doesn't seem so bad...right?
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