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If there's a book of jubilations, we'll have to write it for ourselves.

My Thread

Even though I still owe 3 fics for other charities and won't be able to write any of them until after big bang, I have no money to donate, and I can't stand not doing anything. So if you for some reason want my fic and don't mind waiting until the summer hit me up!

OTHERWISE, look around the comm and bid on some of the incredible stuff other more talented people are offering!

(And in unrelated but happier news, I do believe this counts as coming out about being in a sustained foursome--I am just fucking saying.)
Tags: fangirling fangirls irl, i ship it!, jared and jensen are in love, oh fandom, public entry, so very poor, the angel of the holy grail, the internet is eating my life
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