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You're still my brother and I still Love you. BOOP!

Sam Interrupted Squee Post
^ Anyone know where I can find some decent sparkly text? The epically awesome generator went down and now I've got nothing! I have to use stupidity like this until I find something better!

Wincest in underlines, yadda yadda yadda.

Not going to lie to you, half of my notes from the first bit of this episode are something to the effect of: "I AM WATCHING SUPERNATURAL." It could have been a much worse episode than it was an I would still have been happy to have it :D.

Mental patient: Monsters are real.

I'd already seen the doctor's office scene, which I kind of regret because it was the best scene in the whole episode. So funny. And the boys supporting each other and actually acting like themselves! A++. I want it on the record that Dean definitely has elephant books.

Sam: I'm fine.
Me: Yes, you are fine.

Dear Jared Padalecki,
We all learned how to spell your last name for you, will you please learn how to pronounce Castiel's name correctly for us?
Much obliged,

Olivia is convinced that Sam refuses to say his name correctly out of jealous girlfriendness. This is almost enough to make me not annoyed. He's only done this Cas-ti-uhl thing twice (the other time was Free to Be You and Me) but, like, can we please just have Sam call him Cas since he can handle that one?

I called that nurse being the monster from moment #1. It was the way she was walking, I thought she had black eyes--she reminded me so much of Lilith's chef.

Aww, Dean. Look at you and your One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest-ery! Very hip.

Yes, Sam. Listen to the nice lady. DO take down your pants.


Sam told Dean in so many words that he is a woobie. Welcome to fandom, Sam. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Martin is cute. I am very sorry for him. I even kind of want to know what happened to him. And yes, Martin, you are so right. They did get big. They do look good.

DEAN, YOU ARE SO JUDGY. But look at Sammykins, taking crazy people seriously. Just his warm heart, I guess. Room enough in there for all God's creatures.

GROUP WOULD HAVE BEEN SO AWESOME WITH BOTH OF THEM. Don't seperate my babies!! But I loved Dean's wittle face doing the sad wave goodbye to Sam. Also, this:

"I find your relationship with your brother dangerously co-dependent."

No, I don't feel I need to add anything to that to make it Wincesty. Maybe one of these guys: \o/.

And I called him being the red herring before they were even red herring him.


Dean Winchester doesn't sleep because he's too busy fucking Sammy.

50-something drinks in one week? Officially too much to be casual about it. I mean, I get that he drinks more than most and has his reasons, but 50+ is crossing the fucking line.

Doc: How many long term relationships have you had?
Dean: Define longterm.
Doc: More than two months.
Dean: None.

Umm...first of all, I think Olivia was not wrong in thinking that Dean would immediately have thought of Sam and said he'd been in that relationship his whole life, not even in a Wincesty way, I just feel like Dean thinks that way. Most of his life has been defined by his relationship with Sam, you know? Furthermore, as happy as I am to pretend that Cassie never happened, doesn't that kind of make Dean a moron because he told her about monsters and shit in less than two months?

I like that she ended this with "Tell me about your father." and the next time we see Dean he's in a rotten mood. JOHN WINCHESTER =/= PLEASANT CONVERSATION TOPIC.

Jealous girlfriend!Sammy forbids you to hit that. Also common decency, but you know.

Mmmm, boys. I like you in your crazy garb. No layers. It's all ARMS.

Ok, that sticking the Q-tip into the head thing? So fucking gross. I thought it was a zombie when they first said it goes through to the brain. And I was kind of excited just so I could troll youtube for the Monster Wincest video. SAM ATE DEAN'S HEART AND THEN HE ATE HIS BRAIN. *nods emphatically*

AHAHAHAHA, THAT MOMENT WITH "PUDDING!" That was so brilliant and Jensen's acting actually didn't suck in this scene (I never think Jensen's acting is bad, really, but this was not his episode). I mean, just because his face was so funny. And I loved that he just *had* to add in the pants down thing. He's like a monkey, that one. Also, trying to remind Sam that he has one, too, and maybe sometime Sam could let him try topping just to spice things up.

Fun tangent:

When I was on the phone with my mom, she didn't really have much to say about this episode beyond "Boys, pretty!" and "I just realized--Sam must be in proportion, right?" at which point I had to tell her about the Padacock and how, yes, Sam has it, too. But anyway, she did tell me a really funny story about this moment where Dean reminded her of my dad. Back when he was still in Cuba, he and a friend thought it would be a really good idea to travel around the island with no money, living off the land essentially. So one of the things they did to feed themselves was go to restaurants and wait until people finished eating to take their leftovers. So one time, they're at a restaurant, my dad was starving by this point, and this big guy gets up and leaves his food behind. My dad immediately sits down and starts eating. The big guy? Was only going to the bathroom. Of course he came right back and was about to kick my dad's ass. So my dad starts pretending to be retarded and then his friend swoops in and says "Oh! I'm so sorry! It's my brother! I turn my back on him for a second and he gets in trouble!" and the big guy was like "Oh, that's okay!" Very, very bad, daddy. But very amusing, also.

It's a wraith? Is it a ring wraith?

NGL--I was a little worried Dean was gonna fuck that doctor. Then she turned out being a figment of Dean's imagination. Which I guess would make her more appealing. The list of people Dean Winchester wants to have sex with definitely goes like so: 1. Sam Winchester 2. Dean Winchester.

Poor Deancakes. "Why doesn't someone else do it?" "Can't find anyone else that dumb." I wibbled IRL. Dean just wants a picket fence and his baby brother :(.

Sam won't kiss the crazy back because he has morals. Also because he's pretty gay.

"I want him, he's bigger."
And then Dean made the "Yeah, I don't blame you" face.

Why would you split up, Boys? Why was that a good idea?

Umm. Wow. Sam. A little violent there? I mean, I get that this gets some attention later in the episode (MUCH to the episode's detriment) but I was like "He just threw that guy's head through a window and that wasn't the guy he's trying to kill." I mean, I get that the crazy was making him *more* ragey, but shit. He was scaring me. He was not the Sam I fell in Love with.

Random Commercial for One Tree Hill: Oh HAI, Tessa!

High Sammy was really funny. I didn't see it as the incestuous goldmine some of you did, but this moment was obviously still quite a triumph for us. I loved him rambling and pulling Dean closer. And then of course hearing him say "You're still my brother and I still Love you." was wonderful, even if he was inebriated and even if the moment was spoiled by the "Boop!", though that was too damn funny and cute for me to stay mad at.

I really do not like crazy!boys. And them acting like going crazy is inevitable because WE WERE GETTING HEALTHIER FOR LIKE THREE EPISODES AND THEN SUDDENLY ARTHUR FROM MERLIN!VERSE SHOWED UP AND WAS LIKE "HEY, GUYS, TRY THIS GREAT NEW DRUG, IT'S CALLED CRYSTAL METH THE RESTART BUTTON." and Sam was like "No thanks *bitchface*" and Dean was like "OH, SHINY! *pushes*" and then Arthur ran back to Camelot and actually realized he was in love with Merlin because he didn't have a way to reverse all the progress he'd made in the previous week's episode and all of Camelot weeped giant, shiny tears because they actually started making progress and who wants that?

My Boys are so abused. Using them against each other? Wah, this monster is such a douche. Thank God Dean finally figured it the fuck out. I was seriously starting to question the intelligence here. Though I *guess* going crazy doesn't exactly do wonders for your critical thinking skills.

Crazy!Dean doing his best to avoid stepping on cracks was my favorite part of the whole damn episode. My eyes teared up, I am not even kidding. And then his trying to explain it. "I can't step on the cracks, I'll--" BREAK MY MOTHER'S BACK. OMG. POOR DEANCAKES. HE DOESN'T WANT TO HURT HIS MOMMY. HOLD ME.

That was a really crappy situation in Wendy's room, but good on Martin for getting him out of it. I still say the security at this asylum blows--they just WALKED OUT in the end. WTF? Whatever.


Another panic room? Yeah, great. I'm sure Sam's not even a little bit tired of being tied up in that position.

Really? We're just going to grab her horn thing and it's going to snap right off? That easy? Really?
All attempts at making this monster intimidating: *get shot to shit*

*sigh* And once again, Sam Winchester is forced to stand idly by and fail to save his brother while Dean saves him. Sam Winchester has the worst Damsel in Distress Syndrome since Princess Peach.

Another random commercial: Did we really think it was a good idea to show a Legion commercial where you see Adrianne Palicki for all of five seconds the one time it's showing to a fanbase that might actually go and see your crappy movie for her? I mean, part of me was annoyed because it wanted pretty, pretty Jess and the other part of me was like "That's just bad marketing."

I knew Dean was going to say retarded things as soon as the words "I guess Tom Cruise was right." came out of his mouth. This scene effectively ruined the episode for me. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the episode, but this was SUCH a fail. First of all? Sure, Sam is angry sometimes, but all the time this blinding rage? I don't buy it. As my wife pointed out, this could have been a great character moment *if it had been Dean. *Maybe* Dean has that rage. Dean has been holding shit in his whole awful life. But you want me to buy that Sam is that angry all the time, he doesn't even know why, since before Hell and everything? Suck my dick. And then Dean's response? Keep it in? I don't want to hear it? Remember when these characters cared about each other? I mean, I know that's how Dean keeps it together and he was making his faces but that's where all their problems stem from and we were doing such a good job working on it. Sam at least looked annoyed about it, so I guess this is something we'll work on in future episodes, but it's stupid as hell.

"Are you with me?"
"Yeah, I'm with you."

MY BOOOYYYSSS. Almost there, that moment was *almost* there.

I really missed my favorite supporting character in this episode, I was glad to see the Impala for those ten seconds. No, sorry, Cas, I wasn't talking about you, BB. I still Love you, though.

I didn't care much about the episode and I just wanted a fix, I wasn't expecting much, so I wasn't disappointed. It had some cute bits and some stupid bits and was, on the whole, forgettable. But it was Show--a new episode of Shoooowwww!!!! How I have missed MY BOYYYSSSS. Ready to have them back, even if none of the coming episodes excite me. Except maybe Back to the Future Part II, especially if Olivia's theory is correct but I refuse to admit I am excited in case it is as painful to watch as I'd originally thought it would be.

Olivia pointed out to me that Jared Padalecki is no longer on this show and the clip for next week only underscored that. This is not relevant to mai interests, let me tell you, internet.

Oh, also worth mentioning?


I know some people are not happy about this and, believe me, I understand the qualms. But a whole year of more Boys? I refuse to think that is a bad thing while Show is still going strong. I trust this Show and can only hope Season 6 will validate that trust.
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