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Next stop, Mount Doom?

I feel like I don't even have the energy left to put my thoughts about this episode down. Nevertheless, I present to you my GOOD GOD, YA'LL SQUEE POST. Again, Wincesty content will be denoted by underlines, and by me PULLING MY EYEBALLS OUT OF MY SKULL.

This episode. Where do I begin?

Wheelchair Bobby? I'm sorry, I knew it was coming, but I will never be convinced that this is a good plot point and they won't regret it halfway through the season. It's just not Bobby, not to mention that he was acting OOC and petulant at the hospital. Understandbly, I guess, but it didn't feel like Bobby to me. Also, Castiel was epic enough to scare Zachariah last episode and suddenly he's too limp dick to heal someone's fucking legs? I just don't buy it.

Castiel called Sam instead of Dean! This is relevant to my interests. He's totally respecting them both now! Or rather, disrespecting them both now, but I like the anger at Dean and the "you and your brother destroyed..." because seriously, can we acknowledge that it was both of them? AND YOU TOO, CAS, OR DID YOUR HIGH HORSE MAKE YOU FORGET WHO LET THE ANTI-CHRIST OUT OF THE PANIC ROOM? Who's being bitter? Not me. I thought Misha looked really good again, though not SFtD levels. And his rib art was really pretty, lol. One of my favorite parts of the episode? His response to Dean's tortilla joke. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT HE FELL AND STILL HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR? So much, guys.

Castiel fell for Dean? Castiel killed his brothers for Dean? Annnnddd the Dean/Cas girls all exploded at once. Good riddance. *sigh* I'm just bitter because my ship is being crushed and I know it'll be afloat again but my fucking god, it could not hurt more.

The amulet? Worse. Plot. Point. Ever. I admit, this is because I am a Wincest girl. But seriously? That could easily have not happened and I can't help feeling that the show's creators did that to spite us, or make us more angsty or something. Guys, we're angsty enough right now, ok? I mean, Dean was appropriately hesistant and everything, I'm not upset about how the *characters* responded to it, I'm just annoyed the story line was brought up at all. At a time like this, you're going to take back that one last reminder of how things used to be? It just made me bitter for the entire episode--I can think of nothing worse to do to Dean. OR TO ME, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. I am about as over it as I'm going to get (which is to say, not at all), but as Olivia said, if we see Castiel wearing it just once, I am going to throw a fucking fit. Though, we have a theory that Dean is Harry Potter, Sam is Ron Weasley, and Castiel is Hermione, we didn't realize until after making this analogy that it would mean the show ends Cas/Sam. I don't ship it? Yet.

The broken bridge being the only road into town? Very Croatoan. This foreshadows for episode 4! *nods* So, I was really impressed that Dean left the Impala behind after giving over the amulet. There's 2/3 of Dean's worldly posessions given away in one day--Dean is converting to buddhism?

LOLOL. So when Dean was checking out the red Mustang, my comment was totally "DEAN, BB, THINK OF THE IMPALA! ADULTERY IS A SIN!!" Because Dean/Metallicar, I ship it.

Ellen hitting Dean with holy water! Lazarus Rising parallel for the win! Not as Freudian this time around, can't tell if I support that or if I don't. Ellen is so awesome, by the way. She's like Bobby without a dick. AND FUNCTIONAL LEGS, WHAT THE FUCK. But I don't know if I buy that she hunts with Jo now. I kind of liked that she was *not* a hunter--she provided an important service to the hunting community! GET THAT WOMAN A NEW ROADHOUSE, IT HAS BEEN TWO FUCKING SEASONS.

*sigh* Oh my boys. Remember when him telling Sam to stay out of hunts was about protecting him? Man I miss that.

I LOVED THAT SAM TRIED TO EXCORCISE THOSE (not really!) DEMONS IN THE GROCERY STORE FROM MEMORY! I just have a really weird soft spot for the fact that Sam can do that, like I jump everytime I see him do it in Jus in Bello and OMFG, SIN CITY DEAN, WAITING FOR SAM TO COME RESCUE HIM AND GOING ON ABOUT HOW "He has someone coming who did pay attention in Latin." My dick, so hard.

SDAIUFSHJGUFYGVHJNMHNIUGD. SAM WANTING DEMON BLOOD. I was seriously yelling at the screen "NO, SAM, NO!" I would like to believe he would have resisted even if Dean adn't come in. BUT I DON'T BELIEVE IT, COLD, CRUEL WORLD. I'm so so so sad for him.

I so loved the thirty seconds where we get to see Sam-and-Dean training civilians. I elect them the town Daddies. It felt right. And like they're going to take good care of the town they settle in once the Apocalypse is over and they are fucking again and ready to be domestic. Dean bonding with the soldier? SO SO SO SAD. And his answer to "Where did you serve?" was great for emotional impact but really, really wanky. He can handle a gun because he was daddy's little soldier. If they were torturing people, Dean could say he learned THAT in hell. But the guns? Come on, you didn't serve in hells machine gun army, Dean.

Sam pulling Dean aside angrily to talk? Uh, yeah, he actually said "We need to fuck." What, I had to go there at some point, right? Well, not that I'm done going there O:D

Both Sam and Dean's characterizations this season bother me. More on Sam later, Dean I feel like I cannot even put it in words. Olivia and I discussed it for 45 minutes and I still don't know how to say it. He's breaking my heart, which is normal, but not in ways I like, which is not. Not to say I don't adore the character gross amounts, but WAH.

Ellen: What's going on between you and your brother?

Though I put the words in Sam's mouth: WE STILL FUCK. Which of course we don't and haven't for months, but it'll get there again.

That Jo moment was so epic! Alright Supernatural, RACIAL FAIL, TAKE 80. Enter Rufus Turner, the black guy who drinks Johnny Walker, sits on his porch, and tries to use pipe bombs for everything. Seriously, writing staff, will you talk to a black person? BECAUSE YOU ARE REALLY FAILING AT TE RACIAL GAME. Also kind of at the homosexual game, I won't even bring it up. I thought when they were doing the torture that they were going to bleed into Sam's mouth (when I still thought they were demons) and it made me SO SAD. Not that the salt was much better--Jesus, even I don't want that much salt in my mouth at once and doing that to Sam was really sad.

"My daughter may be an idiot, but she's not stupid." - FTW.

DEAN DOING RESEARCH AND FIGURIG THINGS OUT! CHECK OUT HOW HARD MY DICK IS. Also, someone's been doing his bible studies!! And yes, priest, you bet your holy ass Dean means the Apocalypse.

FOUR HORSE MEN! Very Magnificent Seven to me, but infinitely less wanky. The Red Mustang was seriously sexy/clever. I really love that Sam figured it out so quickly, too. My boys are so smart.

Ok, War giving Sam that speech. So much hatred. The things he said to Sam bring to light all of my fears for where Sam's character is going this season. Poster child--WOE. But seriously, Sam did NOT do the things he did for power. I'm sorry, say what you will, I know the boy fucked up, but he is NOT a bad person. He ad good intentions and though, yes, at the very basest level it was a little bit about feeling strong, it was mostly about doing what he thought Dean couldn't do because he wanted to help people. And I know the revenge thing was fucked, but that kid suffered so much--he should have let it go after Dean was risen, but I understand the kill Lilith vendetta, especially since by then he was in such a mindset and I'm sorry, Ruby was damn good at her job. The best thing that came of the whole sloppy mess?

War: Save it for your brother. Lust [incredibly long pause] for power...

I openly confess I am digging and that the line was not Wincesty, but it was a very specific way to read the line and well, you mention the brother, then you say lust, and then you take a nap for 30 seconds? I got all kinds of happy. BECAUSE YES LUST FOR HIS BROTHER HAD A LOT TO DO WITH IT, KTHX. It wasn't Sex and Violence, but it definitely stood out.

OH MY GOD, DEAN SAT DOWN TO MAKE A PLAN BEFORE GOING TO RESCUE SAM. Healthier. Means he somewhat trusted Sam not to go snacking on the first demon body he passed. STILL SO UNFORTUNATE TO ME AND HARD TO ACCEPT. I JUST WANT PROTECT-MY-LITTLE-BROTHER-NO-MATTER-WHAT!DEAN. I didn't realize that was a church they were hiding in. Holy ground, very clever. Now if only we'd actually been hiding from demons.

Trying to talk sense into eachother? While ultimately successful, probably a really bad idea. OSFHSOIGJSFOIJG. More epic Batman voice. WHY JENSEN, WHY? But the first thing Dean said when he got into the house and made sure he wasn't going to get shot was "Where's Sam?" That's the kind of one-track-mind I like!



War uses his ring to cause chaos. Umm, hello, Lord of the Rings nerd inside of me dying. AND THEN LATER DEAN MADE A MOUNT DOOM JOKE!!!1! He accidentally my vagina 850 times. I counted.

Ok, Rufus is awesome! I guess that means he's going to die an awful death since the black people on this show are either dead meat or dead meat that goes darkside before being deadmeat.

That was a close call with War, but HOLY SHIT. DEAN HOLDING HIM WHILE SAM CUT OFF THE RING!!! So many episode parallels this time and this was such a great moment for me because the Ruby stab is a alot of what gave me hope for them and now this moment, Dean trusted Sam to do the cutting. Lovely, too bad my heart had already been trampled to death thrity-five minutes ago. Be careful not to lick your face, Sam. It's drenched in demon blood.

Ok, I forgive this speech because I know he was really shaken up by wanting that demon blood and being a recovering drug addict is really a terrible thing. I get that he is finally admitting to that tiny part of him that was just doing it to feel strong because him denying that all Season 4 really hurt me, but I wish he could see that as terrible as that part of him was, it was by no means the dominant part of him. I still believe in Sam Winchester's inate goodness, seriously. I'm so sad that Sam feels like he has to qit hunting, and so much more sad that Dean agreed right away. And offered him the Impala. There he is trying to give away his worldly possessions again. Let's do a check list, shall we?

Wincesty Amulet? check.
The Impala? Almost check.
Sam? Incredibly temporary check.

Yup, there we go. Ladies and gentlemen, this episode, Dean Winchester converted to busshism and successfully reached Nirvana. Things are so easy when you own nothing and have a golden soul. Totally understand the new religion, BB. This God guy took your amulet and must therefore be a douche. Let's not get started on the angels!

But really, I thought it was beautiful that he offered to give Sam his baby. Though very weird that Sam caught a ride back with Rufus and not Dean. Really, you guys can't stand to be in a car together long enough to get back to Bobby? I guess all the UST must be really annoying when your incestuous relationship is on hiatus. DON'T WORRY, BBS. THE MAKE-UP SEX WILL BE EXPLOSIVE.

I'm both really psyched and really worried about next week. JESSSSSSS. I WANT JESS TO BE IN BED WITH SHIRTLESS SAM. But I am so worried they will do something I don't like with her. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Also, I miss The Road So Far this week and I just watched it to feel like I got the complete episode--it was a really good one! I mean, boys fighting makes my eyes bleed but the rest of it was tip top and I liked the song choice.

Alright, now I've said all of that stuff, can I be petulant for a moment? I WANT FUCKING ANNA RIGHT NOW AND SHE'S NOT SCHEDULED UP TO 5x07. I mean, I know she's coming back this season. BUT I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT, SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND.

Done now. My final comment being a giant, epic, and VERY GENUINE:

When I was discussing this episode with my mom over the phone, she actually jumped in at one point with "You have to trust Kripke on this one." We also discussed how Season 6 would be all about Sam and Dean's Wincesty domestic life. Taught her well, I have.
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