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What you can do, Sam, is bend over and take it like a slut.

I owe you guys an entry because some really crazy stuff has been happening lately (I won a wii today, WTF?) but this is just a Sympathy for the Devil Squee Post!. HERE BE SPOILERS AND ALL MANNER OF WINCESTY CONCLUSION DRAWING. If you want to read my notes minus the Wincest commentary I will UNDERLINE the Wincesty stuff, just avoid underline passages.

Let's get this party started! Cutting to the devil cartoon, v. brilliant. Putting Sam and Dean on an airplane? Both random and unnecessary I feel? Also, Dean forgot he was afraid of planes, but let's ignore that, shall we? And I really was thrown for a loop on how this helped cure Sam of his demon blood addiction, which it clearly didn't as this is going to be something we have to angst about for at least a few more episodes.

I liked the new title card. It's pritty, you know, whatever. Better than Season 4, at the very least. I'm still kind of miffed about Misha getting star billing. It's the Sam-and-Dean show, it's been Jared-and-Jensen for four seasons. Don't get me wrong, I Love me some Cas, but if we're just handing out star billing, let's get Jim Beaver some appreciation, because he's been hanging out for five seasons now. Hawhatever.

ZACHARIAH. WHAT A FUCKFACE. TERRIBLE. ALSO REALLY FUCKING SCARY. OMFG, I AM GOING TO STAB HIM IN HIS ANGEL FACE. He really, genuinely terrifies me. The "bang"? He walks such a great line between being funny and scary and I never know when to laugh and when to cower. HE GAVE DEAN FUCKING STAGE 4 STOMACH CANCER--WTF?

I had no idea humans could do that angel thing, I definitely thought that required angel blood BUT I thought it was a really lovely moment that he said "I learned that from my friend Cas." Ok, I didn't at the time. At the time I was all bitter and "I WILL NEVER SHIP THIS SO STOP TRYING." but when Cas came in, I really, really liked where the relationships are headed. More on that in a few.

Dear Sam, stop learning things from Ruby. Kthxbye.

Mark Pellegrino (his character is named Nick. I am a stubborn little thing, so I will continue calling him Mark Pellegrino when he's not Lucifer) really hurt me. I kept wanting Lucifer to just possess him already. Honestly, I thought he was going to pop out looking like that, and I really wish he had. I hurt so so much for the vessel now and it's really going to get between me and sympathizing with Lucifer, which is mostly the entire point. He is a beautiful man, also. OMNOMNOM so much eye candy this season.

That girl was writing WINCEST. Actually writing Wincest. I think I would have found that really amusing were I not in the room with three other people, one of whom could actually figure me out. I was kind of cringing that everyone in that room could read deep into my Wincest writing soul. Aside from that, I thought it was funny, but if they go much further with this, I'm going to officially start getting uncomfortable. FOURTH WALL PEOPLE, I'M GLAD WE BROKE IT, BUT LET'S KIND OF DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE? Of courseeeee she's a Sam!girl. The "You aren't what I was expecting." to Dean was hilarious because, obviously, there's no way anyone's imagination could do better than Jensen Ackles.

I was so excited to see Bobby! I totally called that it wasn't him pretty much as soon as he showed up. I confess, I was a leetle worried that they were about to go badfic on his character and I was NOT HAPPY, but thank Jesus. John was not right about everything and Bobby knows that as fuck, God bless him.

Dude, seriously, when are we going to just kill Meg already? I mean, we've used her for some great stuff and all, but many times can she climb out of Hell without getting wasted? JUST DO IT ALREADY. I didn't love this actress as Meg and I feel like they could have made it a random demon without pulling on a character who's been portrayed in a very specific way before and is suddenly just not being very Meg.

I don't know if I buy Bobby walking around without one of those ward off possession charms, I am a little put off by Dean ONCE AGAIN appealing to the person within to overcome their big, bad demon tyrant and having it work, but I Love Bobby SOFUCKINGMUCH that I'll let it go just for his beautiful self-sacrificingness (oh yeah, that's a word alright). I was worried for about ten seconds that they killed Bobby, even though I knew he was in more than one episode Season 5 just because I could not deal with the sorrow if that happened.

Again, Zach is so scary and such an awful, awful person. I really really love this actor's portrayal. Dean is nobody's vessel! Though I was a little off-put when "Ok, then we'll kill Sam." didn't work. *sighs longingly* Remember back in the good ol' days when that was a sure bet? Still, I really respect that he kind of got his priorities in order.

At this point, I said "It's Castiel coming to save Dean." I was NONETHELESS so VERY pleasantly surprised by his appearance. HE WAS SCARING ZACHARIAH. AND STABBING ANGELS OUT LIKE IT'S A FUCKING HOBBY. HOLY FUCKING JESUS MITHERFUCKING CHRIST, LOOK AT THAT GQ SHARK MOTHERFUCKER GO. Also, his interaction with SamandDean was probably my favorite part of the episode. No longer was I annoyed by the Dean/Castiel undertones in their friendship. Because it is exactly that. A friendship, and a beautiful one, and he talked to Sam with respect and Sam called him Cas and they're going to be friends! Castiel doesn't have all the baggage clouding his judgement, so he can understand and forgive Sam sooner than Dean and he clearly is a Sam/Dean!Girl and willing to put on the big boy pants and get them to do what they need to do to be in a gorgeous Love again. THANK YOU FOR SHIPPING IT, CASTIEL, YOU JUST WON AN ALL ACCESS PASS TO MY VAGINA. Also, if you're wondering who gripped him tight and raised him from perdition, all of my money lies on Anna. She's got experience with this, you guys. Also, I SHIP IT IMPOSSIBLY HARD. After she brought him back and like...doubled his angel mojo on the sheer force of her fierceness, they had approx. 18 1/2 wonderful angel babies. True story! Disappearing when they asked a question? Very Dark Knight of him. Holy Angel, Batman.

Also, holy crap did Misha look good! I mean, he's obviously always been attractive, but it's a hard knock life, standing next to Sam and Dean Winchester. This episode, however, he actually held his own on the eye candy thing. Olivia and I would like to applaud him on his ability to tan without turning orange... pray Jared and Jensen will ask Misha for pointers on this skill.

Lucifer doesn't need to lie. This is fascinating. Mark Pellegrino stomped allover my heart. I wish he'd been possessed thirty-five minutes ago.

BOBBY--YOU ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME. Yelling at the hospital staff! I LOL'd. Jen's friend Kim cut in when he was telling Sam that he wasn't going to cut him out ever with "I wish I knew how to quite you." V. amused!

I was so proud of the Dean talking in this hospital room. He's finally capable of sustaining an erection again \o/! Of course, he said that he'd only been putting on a brave face for Bobby as soon as they got out, but I feel like he just thinks that, as soon as his head's a little clearer, he'll realize how much he believes that stuff. They've got a job to do, and Dean does his jobs. Also, I feel like he maybe said that stuff a little to hurt Sam. THEIR PAIN PAINS ME. They're not having sex for months (though I side with the prescribed Olivia Ordonez method of cuddling!) and (again, as Olivia pointed out) once they get back on that track, Dean will actually be topping for like a whole month straight. Poor Sammy, he's going to have one sore ass come October. It's ok, though, between all of the Magical Healing Semen Dean will pack into him and the humble pie he will be eating, we're going to get our boys back together again and it's going to be too beautiful. DEAN TRYING TO DUMP SAM? It's just not gonna work! AND IT WILL BE EXACTLY LIKE IT USED TO BE, TRUST ME. I am so looking forward to the healing Wincest this season.

Seriously, I did not like this Dean (though I totally understand why he's behaving this way, Sam is what he always depended on and he's SO BETRAYED and he's SUCH A WOOBIE) and I really, really worry about him because I know to be acting that way, he must be torn into so many shreds inside it hurts me. I was especially annoyed by him telling Sam "It's Okay" at the beginning of the episode because it so obviously is NOT and you know what led to this whole mess? SAM-AND-DEAN TRYING TO PROTECT EACHOTHER THUS KEEPING THINGS FROM EACHOTHER AND NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. So the fact that he said all these hurtful things sucked for now, but at least it's not going to build up until they're trying to kill eachother a la Sex and Violence. They're behaving in healthy, life-affirming ways and it's going to be swell.

The most painful thing on the planet? Dean says something about not being able to escape destiny, and then tacks on "you should know all about that." Jared did an excellent job looking INCREDIBLY WOUNDED for half a second and then killing it and trying to look like he didn't catch how much that meant. Since I've been watching Season 2, I'm especially in the middle of Dean's rejection of Destiny because he refuses to believe in Sam's. Him accepting it and then throwing that line on was poignant, if his Sammy fell despite how hard he tried, there's just no way out of this shit, is there? Well, I believe my boys will find a way out because I am tired of things coming to pass as they are Written.

I do not believe that Dean has a GED for a minute. Like really, I know this is a weird point to linger on, but I really, really found it incongruous. Olivia had a wonderful Wincesty explanation for it, so I'm pacified, but I still wish they had just left that line out, you know? I feel like if he didn't graduate, he wouldn't have bothered, and why should he? Olivia says he wanted to be smart like his brother. She can take any canon mistake and make me Love it, case and point, that ridiculous ex-girlfriend Cassie in Season 1.

Also, MORE HUMBLE PIE, SAM. I mean, he was doing well with it (I feel like he got a lot less attention this episode than I expected by a lot, I mean, I know Kripke is a Dean!girl buut considering what Sam's just done, ya know?). This was an especially joyous thing for me:

Sam: What can I do?


Olivia's FAR SUPERIOR Answer: What you can do, Sam, is bend over and take it like a slut. I’m pretty sure that would make it right. :D

God, I Love that girl. DEAN TOLD SAM HE DIDN'T TRUST HIM ANYMORE. SAM, THE ENTIRE FANDOM, AND I WERE ALL COLLECTIVELY COCKSLAPPED AT ONCE. It's ok. The healing process, I knew it wouldn't happen in one episode, and as much as it pains me, I accept it. CAN HAS MAKE-UP SEX AND PIE NAO?

Thoughts? This was my first time watching Supernatural live so it was a big deal for me, as you can tell from the length of this commentary. I spent two hours after the episode on the phone with Cat, My Mommy, and Olivia picking this episode apart and squeeing, you would have thought it would have gotten it out of my system, but it only gave me more to think about!
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